Have Reality TV Talent Shows Run Their Course?

Over the past decade, television has changed in a huge way. Before, when people tuned into their Comcast TV Service or satellite provider, primetime TV was about sitcoms and dramas. Then reality TV came along and now it appears to be all that is on now. But this oversaturation may come with a price. Despite their popularity, shows such as American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent and The X Factor remain somewhat formulaic. Below are some considerations to ponder concerning reality TV.

Long Term Fame Eludes Most Reality Show Winners

Few people seem to be buying the music of reality show winners. Ruben Studdard released five albums with four record labels since winning in 2003. The first one sold in the millions while the others tanked. Season nine winner Lee DeWyze completed four albums and the last did not even place on the music charts. Perhaps they could have used a New Jersey video production to amp their marketing.

However, some of Idol’s winners and runners up show consistent record sales reaching the millions. Carrie Underwood sold almost 12.5 million while Kelly Clarkson reached the 11 million mark. Only thirteen contestants total have sold over a million. Jennifer Hudson, despite not winning went on to win even bigger with an Oscar for Dreamgirls and has been riding the wave of success ever since.

Popularity Trumps Talent

While many winners possess talent, there are more talented individuals who never get recognized on these shows. American Idol made it all about being a “pop star” vs. creating great music. Bands no longer need to work to get to the top. Instead, lead vocalists compete and gain exposure, many to fall just as quickly.

Old school bands like the Beatles, Supremes and Rolling Stones earned their “votes” from the public through continual touring and radio exposure. This took many years, which is probably why they stood the test of time.

However, many reality contestants write their own music such as Kelly Clarkson and Phillip Phillips who also plays an instrument.

Self-Serving Judges Add No Value

Ever since Mr. Mean Jeans Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul vacated American Idol, the show hasn’t been able to find its footing. However, if present controversies about new judges Minaj and Carey are any indication, people will probably tune in just to watch the two spar. Which only proves the point about self-serving judges. Keith Urban Randy Jackson will have their hands full in any case.

While the concept of The Voice is impressive, the show seems to be the worst offender when it comes to attention grabbing judges. With powerhouses like Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton sharing the stage with contestants it must be difficult for a newbie to get any play.

On the other hand, judges like The Voice’s Blake Shelton have taken their protoges such as Dia Frampton on tour. Season one’s winner, Javier Colon released a debut single with Adam Levine and toured with Maroon 5.

When it comes to the winners of these shows gaining more notoriety, perhaps engaging a New Jersey video production company to create compelling advertising content would make them more lasting in the public eye. When so few new shows are being produced, it is hard to say whether reality TV has run its course.

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