Have Your White Gloves On During Delivery – Customer Service Matters More Than You May Think

With more customers today reading online reviews to help them in their decision as to whether or not to turn to a business, it’s crucial that businesses deliver only the best customer service.
While not all customers trust online reviews, a significantly high amount of customers do. Results from the 2012 Local Consumer Review Survey revealed that 72% of those surveyed trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations.
The 2012 Local Consumer Review Survey, conducted between January 15 and March 1, examined how online reviews by customers can affect a business. The survey consisted of 18 questions in which 2,862 respondents from the U.S., Canada and the U.K. participated. The findings divided into two parts with the first concentrating on customer views and their use of online reviews, and the second regarding how a business’s reputation online impacts a customer’s decision to select a business.

When asked how many online reviews customers read before they believe that they can trust a company, 65% of customers read between 2-10 reviews and 7% read more than 20 reviews. When surveyors were asked how online customer reviews affect their opinion of a local business, 58% replied that they trust businesses with positive reviews. Also, 52% of customers are more likely to choose a local business if they have a positive review online.
Ensuring that customers feel valued drives a business to success. Delivery companies particularly have to ensure that they offer stellar customer service since they have close interaction with customers, but they also have the upper advantage in comparison to other companies in demonstrating their loyalty to their customers.
Customers expect prompt and efficient delivery of a product, but white glove delivery companies offer more than just that. These companies see the job from the beginning to the end, ensuring the product is carefully packaged, especially for large items that require special handling and care, and delivered to the customer in a timely fashion. White glove delivery companies also help remove the product from the package and assemble it for the customer. Personally delivering the product removes any potential damage and boosts the company’s image since the product is not just left on a doorstep, but is placed inside the home for the customer’s convenience. Additionally, this is the perfect opportunity for the business to provide the customer with their knowledge of the product and other products and discuss useful information for the customer to utilize regarding the product.
What better way to impress a customer than with the services of a white glove delivery company?
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