Head Out On The Highway This Summer With The Right Motorcycle Gear

Summers were made for motorcycles. There’s nothing like jumping on your bike and taking a long ride through the country. However, you need to be careful to wear the right gear so that you’re safe. It’s important to have a helmet, motorcycle gloves, boots, a sturdy jacket and pants.

What You Should Wear While Riding Your Motorcycle

The most important item you need is a helmet. Good protective helmets come in all sizes, including helmets for children. When you’re choosing a helmet, try it on to make sure it fits properly. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. It should be comfortable to wear because you’re going to be wearing it for a long time. A full-face helmet provides the best protection because it covers the face and head. Be sure to fasten the chin strap. A helmet that isn’t secured won’t protect you very well. You might as well leave it on the shelf at home if you’re not going to secure it.

Motorcycle jackets come in many sturdy fabrics like denim, nylon, corduroy and leather. You should have thick leather or suede pants for the same reason. Any type of cowhide is best for protecting against abrasions and road rash. Cowhide chaps with jeans are also a good choice.

Don’t Forget the Gloves and Boots.

You should always wear motorcycle gloves even on hot days. Gloves let you get a tighter grip so that you can control the bike better. This is especially crucial if the handlebars are wet. If you lose your grip, you could wipe out and get seriously injured. Some gloves have thick, padded palms and fingers with texturing for extra gripping power. Gloves also protect against wind and flying debris like bugs and gravel, which really hurt at high speeds.

You need sturdy over-the-ankle leather boots. High-cut boots protect your valuable ankles more effectively. Boots with rubber soles and deep tread designs will give you the best grip.

Make sure that other motorists can see you. It’s better to wear brightly colored clothing than dark, drab gear. Put some reflective tape on your helmet, and sew a few strips of reflective cloth onto your jacket and the backs of your boots to be safe. Riding is fun, but it can be dangerous. Every little bit helps when it comes to motorcycle safety.

Jill Burbank is a blogger with a love for motorcycles. Follow Jill @JillBurbank2.