Health Advantages of E- Cigarettes

According to Cancer Research UK, approximately 102,000 people are dying from diseases such as cancer triggered by smoking in the UK annually. Many believe that electronic cigarettes may have the potential to drastically decrease that number, due to its benefits. Next to its health benefits, does the E-cigarette offer a vital cost advantage, as small starter kits come already at a price as low as £6. You can click here for more information on such products.

The health advantage of electronic cigarettes

As there is no tobacco in e-cigarettes, they simply do not have any tar or carbon monoxide, which are seen as the main hazardous components of ordinary cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarettes only deliver nicotine which comes in vapour instead of smoke, a system which is known from artificial smoke machines which is absolutely safe. The vapour contains only nicotine, water, and propylene glycol which are completely harmless.

The new E-cigarette models, in appearance, look real and allow smokers to in-hail nicotine in the way they used too. Therefore the consumption of an e-cigarette is very close to the traditional smoking experience, which eases smokers’ withdrawal period drastically.

How does it work?

The electronic cigarette simply heats liquid nicotine, which is stored together with water and propylene glycol in a small disposable cartridge. A chargeable lithium battery powers a heater within the refill cartridge, which vaporises the liquid nicotine as soon as the smoker takes a drag. Here a small sensor recognises the changing pressure in the cartridge caused by the inhalation, and triggers the heating process.  To please the tastes of different smokers, cartridges come in different flavours. For instance, offers 0.9ml refills equating to 30 Cigarettes, which match the taste of common cigarette brands.

Conclusively, E-cigarettes may be a healthier alternative to smoking. Next to this, it allows the user to save money and to theoretically smoke in public places. As the electronic cigarette creates an illusion of a real one, which plaster and gums are unable to create, smokers may find it easier to quit smoking. Thus, the psychological and physical benefits of the electronic cigarette should convince smokers to change their old smoking habits.

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