Healthy Tips For Parents Of Local Youth Sports Participants

Is your child chomping at the bit to get involved in sports, but you are worried about how to keep them safe and healthy while they play? Many parents worry about a plethora of factors when their kids are active in local youth sports. They may worry that their child could get hurt while participating in sports, or that they may become dehydrated. Many parents have heard of the increasing number of children who suffer from heat exhaustion and dehydration when they participate in sports in the heat. While these are all rare occurrences, parents need to be aware of the risks and how to keep their kids healthy while playing the sports they love.
Avoiding Dehydration
The lack of fluids in a person’s body can lead to dehydration, which is characterized by thirst, headaches, exhaustion and sometimes more severe symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Without plenty of water, the human body will have a hard time functioning optimally. As children exert themselves during sporting events or in practice, they will sweat. Fluids are lost through this sweat. This is why it is so important that parents ensure that their children are drinking plenty of water before, during and after participating in local youth sports. Purchase a reusable water bottle for your child and ensure that they are drinking from it and refilling it often. Also, avoid giving your children sodas and other caffeinated beverages to quench their thirst. Caffeine can dehydrate them further, which can lead to an increased risk of illness in the heat.

Prevent Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is a serious issue and definitely should be considered when children are participating in local youth sports outside. It doesn’t even have to be a scorching hot day for kids to begin to suffer from heat exhaustion, as the body can overheat when it is only moderately warm. What exactly is heat exhaustion? This is when the body becomes so hot that it cannot function properly. The condition often occurs when someone has been exerting themselves physically on moderate to hot days. When the body becomes too hot and cannot cool itself down, a person can become very sick and should stop exercising and seek cool air immediately. In order to keep your kid safe from heat exhaustion, make sure that practices and games for their sport are not held during the heat of the day. Opt for a club or league with morning or evening activities. Also, ensure that your child is wearing light colored clothing if playing sports outside.
You should also watch for the signs of heat exhaustion in your child. If he seems confused or disoriented, has stopped sweating, complains of feeling nauseas or has a headache, it’s best to bring him inside. If he gets physically ill it may be a good idea to take him to the emergency room to ensure he is alright.
Knowing the signs of heat exhaustion and doing what you can to prevent it will help your child to stay safe when practicing or playing sports games outside.
Avoiding Injury
When kids participate in local youth sports, you can be sure that they will be looked after carefully by their coaches. Still, there is some chance that your child could get injured while playing sports. In order to help prevent injury, make sure your kid is wearing the necessary padding and support. Also, ensure that he is drinking enough water, as dehydration can lead to sloppiness which can then lead to injury.
Overall, youth sports are fairly safe and the many benefits outweigh the risks. Now that you know how to give your child an extra amount of safety while playing sports, you may want to get them signed up.
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