Those who compete in high diving or swimming all have swimmers ear at one time or another throughout their lifetime. This requires them to take the steps need to gain a hearing aid. Divers and swimmers are taught at a young age to be diligent about protecting their ears as best they can. Each dive is a sudden crash to their ear drum; while swimming provides the opportunity for infection. These issues can create problems for divers and swimmers for many years after they have stopped competing, and possibly lead to some level of hearing lose.

Hearing loss can be cause by many factors such as: heredity, trauma, disease, etc. However, swimmer’s ear is something common and easily deterred now that there is technology available to help prevent serious damage. In spite of this there is still over $500 million dollars a year spent on swimmer’s ear. This equates to about 2.4 million visits to the doctor or hospital. Swimmer’s ear occurs when bacteria from swimming pools find its way into an opening in the skin near the ear creating a painful and itchy outer ear infection. However, the affect diving has on the ear is entirely different. Years of piercing through the water from 10 meter platforms or in intense swimming competitions can lead to having go to an ENT office that has an audiologist on staff to receive hearing tests, diagnoses, and prognosis regarding hearing.
A hearing test will be the first to be conducted. It is a comprehensive exam that will help determine whether or not one will need a hearing aid. It also allows the doctor to look for damage and other related matters to best determine the needed medical solution. Once the results are processed and discussions between ENT specialists and audiologists have concluded, they will act as consultants by advising the patient on what types of hearing aids may be the most useful if any are needed.
It is important to not ignore any type of hearing loss. The loss of any major sense can turn a person upside-down mentally, especially if their children try calling for them from across the living room and the child remains unheard.  Matters can be worsened if a spouse is unintentionally ignored. Damaged hearing can also harm other relationships such as professional ones. Setting an appointment with Central Carolina ENT of Rock Hill, for example, is an easy thing to do, and there is typically very little invasive work, especially at first.
Despite taking all the correct steps some swimmers and divers will inevitably experience some level of hearing loss and require the use of a hearing aid or some other hearing supplies. It is essential to go back for examinations on a regular basis. An ENT specialist will work with patients on a hearing aid management program to make sure their patient has the best possible hearing aid to help live a full and normal life.
Jay Bater – Marketing Strategist of South carolina
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