Heartbroken Hero Gives Away Malta Holiday

The zero who became a hero after a broken heart has not only followed through on giving away a tainted Malta holiday, but he has been lauded a hero by the Maltese Tourism Authority. A few months ago, music teacher Tommy Frakenburg went viral as he tried to give away a £1,000 Malta holiday package intended for himself and his ex-girlfriend. After more than 2,000 entries, Tommy found a couple who could really use Malta holiday after dealing with a traumatic experience of their own. In this way, Tommy felt a connection and one could speculate this is what led him to give the lucky couple the prize.

The Search for Similar Hearts

When it comes to Malta holiday packages, Tommy’s included car hire and top-notch hotel rentals including quite an itinerary of activities suited to loving couples; this is part of the reason taking the holiday at all would’ve been painful. The lucky couple taking the Malta holiday, including rentals and package deals, is that of Stuart and Dawn Flynn. Stuart Flynn was the victim of a brutal and senseless beating in 2011 that left him fighting for his life and eventually having to relearn to walk, talk and eat. It had been a rough experience when Tommy brightened their day by offering the all inclusive Malta holiday; Dawn entered thinking it couldn’t hurt and might certainly give Stuart a much needed pick-me-up.

A Positive Outlook

Tommy was touched by the positive outlook on life the couple had despite the amount of hardships they’ve been through and it gave him hope. Through the guide of a Malta holiday, Tommy made someone’s life better at his own expense, but the results are something that cannot simply be bought. All the events that conspired to lead to this point, to have a story this uplifting; it’s enough to convince anyone how beautiful life can be.

Feel-good Ending

In the end Tommy did get his very own Malta holiday when the Malta Tourism Authority invited him for an all-expenses paid holiday due to his self-sacrifice and role in a heart-touching story. He was met as a hero when landing in Malta; models in traditional Maltese Ghonnella costumes were on hand to make him feel welcome. Because his story is likely to spur many more to take Malta holidays in 2013, Tommy is being given the VIP treatment by the tourism authority. This heart-touching story of a man forlorn, dealing with it by giving away a Malta holiday and finding the perfect couple who deserves it has all the makings of the feel good tale of the month and with good reason.

Eugene Calvini is a writer who hopes to some day visit the Topaz Hotel Malta but will probably have to wait for the next giveaway; he enjoys sharing good news more than the bad.