Heavenly Home Designs

Creating a warm and inviting interior, whether in a living room, bedroom or family room, is all about generating an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and a general feeling of welcome. Capturing this ‘heavenly’ look and feel can be accomplished simply and inexpensively with color and texture; by arranging the room in a comfortable, cozy way, adding plenty of cushions and cozy fabrics, and with the addition of a variety of lighting options.

Heavenly colors and texture

The right colors can instantly make a room feel brighter, warmer and cozier. “Warm” or “hot” colors, such as rich yellow and gold; shades of red and orange or any shade that complements and warms flesh tones will create a look and feeling of coziness. These bright colors also help to elevate a person’s mood, which also makes the entire experience of being in the room more pleasant and ‘heavenly’.  Adding these colors can be done in broad strokes, such as covering the walls with a warm gold or glowing orange. More subtle color may be added in the form of a warm-toned slipcover on the sofa or the addition of some brightly colored throw pillows or a crocheted afghan in bright “hot” colors. A braided area rug or sculpted carpet will also add warmth to the room and make the floor an inviting place to sit as well.

Texture is another way to add a cozy feel to a room. Soft upholstery such as suede or corduroy automatically suggests warmth, as do flannels and other soft fabrics.  Knitted, crocheted and quilted throws and cushions also add texture to the room’s look and warmth to its atmosphere.

Furniture and arrangement

While some pieces of furniture can particularly suggest warmth and coziness, such as a chaise sofa in the living room, an overstuffed recliner in a family room or a curtained bed in the bedroom, any furniture can be warm and inviting if arranged properly in the room.  Proper “heavenly” arrangement in a room means creating cozy conversation areas so that people sitting there are within a few feet of each other when talking, as well as arranging more private areas for reading or for warming one’s toes by the fireplace.


Warming a room with lighting is another way to add a homey tough.  Floor lamps and torchiere lamps can cast a delicious general glow in a room, while task lighting can be warmed-up with gold or red lampshades. Candles are another great way to add subtle low light and the flame always suggests heat.

The personal touch

A “homey” abode is rarely short on the personal items of the residents, in particular photos of family in frames.  Choose frames in a variety of shapes, styles, colors and textures, keeping the overall décor of the room in mind as they are added and arranged in groups.  Select some of the largest pictures to hang on walls in the room, or choose several pictures with a similar theme to hang together in a group.