Helpful Hints For Making The Most Of Your Spare Room.

A spare room in a house is a great asset as it can be changed and adapted to anything you want.
It has many applications, one of the best being to rent out to a student. Don’t simply use a spare room as a storage space as it can be much more than that.
A spare room can come in many different sizes, from a small box room to a large double bedroom room.
With each room space you need to carefully plan out what available room you have and how to best make use of that room.

Below are some helpful hints on how you can redesign your spare room.

Colour schemes.
To attract people to your spare room you need to make it as inviting as possible.
You may think that a nice shade of orange looks really nice, but someone else may not have the same opinion. Choose low key neutral colours.
Some colours will make your room look bigger than it is. If you choose the right colour, it will make your room look bright, appealing and roomier than it really is.
Look at websites that have room designs and note the colour schemes.

Storage space.
The more storage space in a house, the better. But if you are short on space, then you have to plan a lot more carefully. Every spare inch could count.
Wall mounted cupboards are a good idea. Temporary shelving that you can hang from the ceiling are good idea as they are not a permanent fixture and can be moved by the person who takes your spare room.
Do not try to be fancy with your storage space. Square storage items can fit together much better than odd shapes.

Bedding space can be the traditional single or double bed, but they do tend to take up a lot of space.
Try using a sofa bed or a futon. Basically any type of bed that can be folded up and used in the day as a sofa or something to sit on.
If you can integrate bedding to fitted wardrobes, then this is another good idea to save on space.

Desk space.
Most students will require some sort of desks to work at.
Just like beds, desks can take up valuable space. Try a wall mounted desk that can fold down against the wall when not in use.
If you can make a desk from storage space, all the better.
You can buy cheap desk furniture from second-hand office outlets that specialise in second-hand or refurbished desks.

This may seem like a small thing to consider, but if you can use blinds or low maintenance window coverings, all the better.
If your window has a window sill, then try and extend the shelf part of it for storage space. You could use hanging shelf space from your windowsill.
Once your spare room is in order, you can start to attract potential students. The more effort you put into the spare room, the more you potentially could charge and the better the class of student you will attract.
You do not have to spend a fortune to make a spare room look really good. Careful planning and preparation is always key.

The author has worked as an interior decorator for over 10 years.

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