Helpful Tips For Curtain Cleaning And Care

Curtain Clean

Curtains, in different styles, materials and colours, are ideal to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room instantly. They not only make your home look beautiful with their delicate and pleasing appearance, but also avoid dirt and dust from entering and let you enjoy a safe and peaceful lifestyle. To maintain their beauty and enhance their durability it is important to pay attention to regular curtain cleaning and care, for which some helpful tips have been mentioned below.

Cleaning the curtains regularly is the key to keep them looking beautiful and neat. An upholstery brush or vacuum cleaner can be used to get rid of any dirt or dust. Washing the curtains once or twice a month is recommended, depending on the amount of dust that accumulates. Besides this, choosing the right method to clean your curtains is essential to avoid causing any damage to the material. Primarily, the cleaning method you choose should depend on the material of the curtains. Such as, delicate materials can be hand washed and cleaned more often, while for heavier fabrics occasional wash is sufficient.

As mentioned earlier, different curtains need to be washed and cleaned differently. If you are unsure about the right method of cleaning your curtains then reading the labels can be of great help. Washing, ironing and care related instructions for different types of curtains are usually mentioned on the labels, letting you know how the curtains in different materials can be cleaned and maintained in the best possible manner.

Special care should be taken while washing the curtains, as mixing them with other clothes should be avoided. While putting in other clothing to wash with your curtains can save water and time, it can lead to many undesirable effects, such as shrinking and discolouring of the curtains. Therefore, it is recommended to wash the curtains separately to keep them safe to avoid causing any kind of damage to their material or colour.

Along with selecting the right method for washing and cleaning the curtains, the most appropriate method should be used for drying them as well. It is a common practice among people to put curtains in the dryer; however they fail to realise the adverse impact tumbling motion can have on their appearance. Stubborn creases can form on the curtains, which can be extremely difficult to remove with hot iron as well. Ideally, the curtains should be hanged outside, in an open and breezy place, where direct sunlight cannot reach them. Allowing the curtains dry naturally will not only keep them looking new and fresh, but will also avoid the creases from forming.

Constant wear and tear can often take its toll on the curtains, making them look faded and unsightly. Not cleaning the curtains regularly and letting the dust accumulate, are the prime reasons, having an adverse impact on their durability. Generally the curtains can also lose their shine and appearance due to constant exposure to the harmful sun rays. All such things should be avoided and regular curtain cleaning should be ensured, if you want to keep the beauty and longevity of your curtains intact.