Helping the Heartbeat of a Community

Social Worker jobs will vary from role to role. One thing though, that unites all these types of jobs is a deep understanding of the importance of community. While simultaneously making others truly feel a part of that community, and understanding the essential role that plays in a patient’s wellbeing. In this article we will look at what these types of roles can do for a community and the individuals within them.

Working in community care revolves around helping those who need care and support to live with a level of independence and dignity that anyone deserves. Usually, community care will be based in helping the elderly, mentally ill, people with learning difficulties, and the physically disabled. Due to their circumstances, these groups of people can feel the most isolated from any given community.

The specificity of the community care that can be offered varies; in terms of what different authorities offer in terms of service, and also the individual needs of the patients. Here are some examples of different types of community care, that shows some of the diversity present throughout community care.

Homecare services: Help with personal tasks such as bathing, going to bed, getting up. Or getting out and doing things like shopping, or perhaps help with managing finances.

Home helps: This focuses on less personal, more domestic based help. Such as cooking or cleaning, which can be extremely important for maintaining hygiene in a home.

Adaptations to the home: Many clients simply need the infrastructure in place so that they can help themselves more readily. This might take the form of major adaptations such as stair lifts or moving facilities downstairs. Or sometimes just minor ones such as adding handrails in bathrooms.

Meal delivery: Many clients will not be able to cook for themselves on a regular basis. They may instead get daily deliveries of meals. Or alternatively/alongside will get deliveries of frozen meals a week or a month at a time. There may be specific community centres where meals are provided.

Recreational, Occupational, Educational and Cultural activities: This can involve a whole variety of services. Such as community centre based activities, which can involve friendly exercise regimes, different forms of art classes, or talks/lectures given by professionals in various backgrounds. They can also be more practical based, and help with advice on how to manage under different circumstances than what you’re used to.