HGH: Anti-Aging And Bodybuilding

The human growth hormone is basically benefited by athletes and body builders; more recently HGH has become a potential solution by people as a solution to aging. Well, not aging per se, but looking young.

You see, HGH works much like a steroid: it works to develop and encourage muscle growth, increasing the effectiveness of workouts while giving your muscles an increased rate of muscle recovery in-between exercises. HGH is a naturally occurring hormone within your body and is pretty much distinct during one’s puberty. Now this is why it’s connected to aging: while it is pronounced in puberty, it gradually declines once you hit your thirties. The reason for this is pretty easy to understand: HGH promotes repair and improvement of certain processes in your body, once that wears down everything else follows.

How Do I Get HGH?

You don’t, naturally you have it. There is an injectible of this HGH but due to medical issues, it is considered illegal save for selected medical practices. So until it becomes legal, you have to get it the old fashion way: exercise, rest and of course, supplementation.

  • Exercise. Working out does more than just pump your with muscle, it actually stimulates HGH release. These hormones are released when your body is under heavy duress on a daily basis as a form of adaptation; this is exactly why your whole body’s muscle mass increases as you lift weights: it’s your body’s way of adapting to change in its activity.
  • Rest. Lifting and building cardio is not the only way to force your body to naturally increase its production HGH. Resting particularly during your REM phase is said to be where the increase of HGH occurs. What you should take note about this is not about how long you sleep but rather, how you can stimulate your sleep that you get into REM sleep faster so you can maximize your sleeping.
  • Supplements. Supplements don’t exactly pump you with HGH directly; rather, they give nutrients that help stimulate the production of HGH. However, in order to get the maximum effectiveness of supplements you must also pair this with exercise and a decent recovery time.

Injectible HGH

Injectible HGH is illegal in the realm of sports for a basic reason: it works. It has been proven that, even with bovine extracted HGH that it works and builds muscle mass to a considerable degree as well as shorten the recovery time in between sessions. Also, having too much HGH in your system has some considerable side-effects as is with steroid-related injectibles.

If you want to have a high rate of HGH, your best bet would be through workout programs and supplements. Naturally producing HGH is better since your body can then regulate it at safer levels rather than injectibles that can cause spikes in your system that your body cannot properly accommodate the change quick enough and thus causes some unsightly side-effects such as rapid hair growth, parted teeth and other unsightly symptoms.

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  1. I am interested in possibly obtaining HGH supplements, I am just curious which
    ones are known to be safe and effective. I am not looking into injections or anything like that.
    I have read that Pharmaceutical and Herbal HGH supplements tend
    to be very safe. So if you could provide me with actual brand names
    and how they work, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank

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