High Time To Buy Health Insurance Policy


Health is wealth” and what more do a person need than to be healthy. Without good health, what is the point of having great wealth? But nowadays with so much inflation, wealth is equally important and without money, it is difficult to treat oneself medically.

Money Matters

I come from a very ordinary middle-class family and what would I do if I fall sick and how will I pay for the medical expenses? Do not worry, we have a savior around and they are the health insurance agencies.

But what is a health insurance? It is paying for the future, the amount that we pay today as a premium is nothing but the medical bills that we need to pay tomorrow. There are people who would discourage us from getting an insurance policy, but beware of them and look at the pros and cons of the policy and then take a wise decision. Definitely the advantages are more than disadvantages.

Lots of Policies

There are many numbers of policies for each and every age group of people, but which one to go for? Which one would suit me the best? How to find out about that?

There is a solution for that too. There are lots of insurance agents and advisors whose job is to carry and spread the good word of health insurance to every nook and corner of the world.

First, we need to decide on what policy we are going to opt for and the amount that the policy would cover in case of medical emergency. And then we need to pay a fixed amount as a premium to the insurance agency.

And if the person falls sick or meets with an accident, the agency would provide financial aid by taking care of the medical and hospital expenses which are highly unaffordable for somebody like us.

Depending On the Age Group

The policy varies with the people and their age group. If the person is young, the premium amount would be lesser when compared to the older people as there are lots of chances for the elderly to fall sick.

Senior Citizens

There are waiting periods for the elderly for some specific diseases and the waiting period ranges from one year to four years. Whereas if a person takes a health insurance policy when he/she is comparatively younger, by the time they age, the waiting period would have gotten over and if at all they fall sick, they can use the insurance coverage against the disease that they have contacted.


Once we are insured, very confidently we can go for routine medical checkups and some insurance agencies cover routine checkups too. It is always better to have a regular checkup as the disease or any other condition if traced early is easier to cure than if it is in the advanced stage.

To Sum It Up

So the best time to enroll ourselves into a policy is today and not even tomorrow. It would be a wise decision to get a health insurance today. Do not waste any more time on it.