High Uric Acid Levels – Causes And Treatment

Having high uric acid levels are one of the most difficult conditions that you can have as a patient.  It will not only give you physical pain, it will also cause you to have complications regarding certain organs in your body.

However having high levels of uric acid does not necessarily mean that you have gout or any other disease, to know the underlying disease connected to your uric acid you would have to be aware of the connected symptoms.

Why does it occur?

High levels of uric acid occur when the body produces more of the substance than it should.  It may occur when you have too much fat in your body or too much cholesterol.  It can be considered normal when you have between 3 to 7 milligrams per deciliter.  Anything beyond that can be considered elevated.  This is why you have to have your uric acid checked regularly so that you can avoid any complications that may aggravate your condition.  As mentioned earlier, there are some diseases connected to high levels of uric acid.  These are as follows:

Diseases Connected to the Uric Acid

  • Gout
  • Kidney problems (tophi)
  • Cancer (Chemotherapy)
  • Crystals

As mentioned earlier, chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can bring about high uric acid levels.  This is why you have to have your doctor monitor your uric acid so that you will not have any other complications related to uric acid in the future.

Major Symptoms

Unfortunately, there are no regular symptoms for high uric acid.  However, you can determine any underlying diseases that may be connected to your uric acid by looking out for the symptoms of the said disease.


There are many ways by which the doctors can diagnose having a high uric acid level.  The doctors will have to do blood tests and urine tests as well.  If you have low PH levels in your urine, it will be most likely that you have high uric acid.


If you are diagnosed with kidney stones, there are certain medications that you can take to cure it.  There is one specific drug that the doctors would usually use: Allopurinol.  Aside from this, there are other medications that you can take.

Also, you have to change your diet.  Having lots of salt in your diet can dramatically increase your uric acid.  It’s all a matter of eating healthy as well as living a healthy lifestyle.  If you can do this, it will be easy for you to lower your uric acid to normal levels and avoid any other complications that may arise in the future because of it.

In addition to this, do not hesitate to ask your doctor for help with regards your uric acid is ever you encounter any of the mentioned symptoms earlier.  It is important that you keep your health as normal as possible so that you would be able to make sure that you can have a long and healthy life in the future and for many years to come.

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