Highlights of the 2013 Ram HD 1500

The 2012 State Fair of Texas brought up lots of new and upcoming semis, pickups and SUVs, which sent the industry scene ablaze with predictions of sales rankings for next year, as well as with rumors about what else will come in the coming years. Perhaps the most hotly debated car at the fair, however, was not one of the iconic Ford F-Series trucks, nor a Chevrolet from GM (even in spite of the fact that the Chevy Silverado is turning 95 years old this year.

It was the 2013 Ram HD, in its 1500, 2500, 3500 variants. Since the last time Ram Trucks came out with an update of its roster was well over two years ago, in 2010 (and those vehicles are heavy-hitters on the sales market of used semi trucks), it’s only safe to assume that next year’s models, too, will be making quite a splash. We’ve put together a list of highlights in terms of tech specs and everything else you should know, in case you’re interested in what to expect from the upcoming truck.

  • The engineering frame is bigger, stronger and will come with excellent towing ratings. The front section will be wider by one inch, compared to previous models, while still employing a three-ling live axle. This will substantially drive GAWR figures up, in order to make the truck compatible with construction apps and machines for plowing snow.
  • The engines offered on the 2013 Ram HD continue to be the 5.7 Hemi, and the 5.7 Cummins, respectively, but much more tailored than before. The 3500 HD will come with the Hemi, only making it available to single-rear-wheel trucks. Meanwhile, the Cummins will be provided within a wider range of options: 350/660 horsepower and torque for the manual six-speed transmission system model, 370/880 for the 68RFE model, which comes with automatic transmission settings, and 385/850 on the automatic six-speed, also known as Aisin.
  • Since the Cummins engine has improved cooling abilities, the heavier-duty vehicles will continue to look bulkier and more massive in size than the lighter ones. This is a visual and design strategy that Ram Trucks started implementing in 2010, and they will continue to stick with it for their upcoming cars. Meanwhile, the interior design is not expected to change much –save for the all-new information center inside the truck. This includes both a seven inch screen, as well as a screen that’s 8.4 inches in diagonal, on the central stack. Trims and color schemes are expected to largely remain the same.
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