Hiring A Workers’ Comp Lawyer In Los Angeles

Hiring A Workers’ Comp Lawyer In Los Angeles

If you have been injured while on duty, you can think of hiring the services of a workers’ compensation lawyer, regardless of whether you are residing in Los Angeles or Louisiana. Most importantly, you ought to know your rights and how much compensation you can claim. Generally speaking, the fees that are charged by these lawyers are based on so called “contingency” basis, wherein you will be required to shell out their fees only if you are able to get compensation for the injury. The attorney in this case enjoys a certain percentage of the money that he has earned as compensation.

Should you or should you not Hire a Lawyer?

Let’s say, you are residing in Los Angeles, you will not require the assistance of a workers’ comp lawyer Los Angeles provided you fulfill these conditions that include the following-

ü  Your employer has agreed to the fact that you were injured while you were on duty or in the workstation in office.

ü  You are not already suffering from any ailment (or a pre-existing health condition)

ü  The injury you suffered was not major but minor and it might be just a sprain in the ankle or a small cut.

ü  You were able to attend office despite the fact that you were injured while on duty or you did not miss out much when you were injured.

If you fulfill any of these conditions, you are free of hassle and you will not be required to hire the services of a law professional. However, you are likely to need the assistance of workers comp lawyer Los Angeles under the following circumstances. Only few of the instances and conditions are mentioned here.

ü  The person for whom you are working (employer) refuses to agree that you suffered the injury while you were on duty.

ü  You have not received the compensation that you were supposed to receive in form of proceeds.

ü  The medical expense that you had to incur on getting injured is not being covered fully by the settlement amount that your employer is offering to you.

ü  The very idea of filing for workers’ compensation has not gone down well with your employer and your employer is threatening you to take legal action.

ü  You are entitled to receive social security disability benefits

How does the Workers Comp Lawyer Los Angeles help you?

First and foremost, he will help you to prepare the documents. In other words, he guides you with the paperwork. He will ensure that all deadlines that you have to abide by are met without fail and that you fill all the forms with utmost care and precision so that your application does not get rejected. He will also consult the treating medical practitioner and find out the extent of injury causes and determine the compensation amount in accordance. Aside from that the attorney will also gather medical evidences to support the case of the claimant. In other words, the workers’ compensation lawyer will help you by strengthening your case.