History Of Ralph Lauren

History of Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren is one of the most recognized and esteemed brands in the fashion world. The creator of the label was Ralph Lauren himself. He is an American designer who is famous for creating clothing and other accessories. His creations are very precise and involve a lot of detailing. His firm is known as the best marketer for people who want a graceful lifestyle. The company is not only known for its high-quality apparels but also for other goods. It produces a wide variety of goods, such as furniture, bedding, silverware and other household items that are essential to any homemaker.
Born in 1939, Ralph Lauren was part of a working class family. This took away his opportunities to take proper education in designing. Therefore, all of his knowledge regarding fashion and designing came from working in his early days in departmental stores and fashion boutiques.

He attended business school at night and worked in the day. This experience is what led Ralph Lauren to become the benchmark it is in today’s fashion industry.
Ralph Lauren met success in the business after the Beau Brummel collection of ties was released in 1967. At that time, there was a trend of wearing dark colored ties. His new collection, which contained rich colors, revolutionized the trends. Custom ties were produced for any for any business man interested in them.
In the year 1967, the trademark of Ralph Lauren, the Polo shirts were introduced. This men’s collection contained different designs and approaches of the American and English standards, yet maintaining the rich traditions.
Ralph Lauren released a new line of apparels in 1971. This was the women’s line. This line was built up in four different types: namely the classics, the country design, the collection and the active. Three years after launching the women’s collection, Ralph Lauren launched its boys wear and its fragrances line. Other items presented by the company are quite diversified goods like leather merchandise, jewelry, luggage and night-wears.
After launching its first boutique in California, the company grew more when it launched its megastores in New York. It contained a variety of Ralph Lauren’s extravagant articles. People came to know about Ralph Lauren and his famous designs. Within no time, Ralph Lauren’s brand became one of the major marketers of the States.
At present, the company provides an extensive selection of products for the high-class. The company ensures that its clients get what they require. Whatever you require with your own personal fashion designer, expect Ralph Lauren to cater to it.
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