Holiday Shopping On A Budget

There is nothing more exciting than preparing for a summer holiday, but as much as we get excited it can also be stressful, what with countless hours shopping trying to find the best bikini and making sure that we don’t run out of money before we have even stepped on the plane.

In the mad rush to get all we can as our holiday draws ever closer we tend not to worry too much about how much were spending and adopt the ‘well I need it’ attitude. Holiday shopping on a budget doesn’t have to be a nightmare; here are some great tips to make sure you spend less before you go so you have more to spend once you’ve reached your destination.


Most of the time the clothes we buy for our holiday we get very little chance to wear at home so why spend a fortune on them? Okay so you want to look your best for the holiday snaps but what is the point in spending £30 on a pair of denim shorts when you could get an identical pair for half the price? Save yourself the hassle of hitting the summer sales on the high street and shop online. The Google shopping feed gives you what you’re looking for at all the best stores and what is more is that the results can be displayed in cost order so you can find much cheaper alternatives.


How expensive is sun cream? I understand it is vital that we protect our skin but is it vital we spend all of our money doing so? No! Shop around for sun cream and when you find a buy one get one free offer grab it with both hands. Sun cream is also something you can stock up on for next year. Just check the date on the lid.


I hate the fact that luggage is so expensive but it is worthwhile getting strong and durable luggage that will last and won’t fall apart after its first trip. Keep an eye out for sales but if you still don’t want to pay the costly price then borrow a friend’s or offer to go halves with some friends that are also planning for a summer holiday.

Foreign Currency

When heading out to get your foreign currency it is vital that you search for the best rate available. What many people don’t realise is that you can also barter to get a better exchange rate, not so much so with euros but definitely with the Dollar, Mexican Pesos and non-EU destinations.

For many, budget shopping can be stressful but make holiday shopping on a budget easier with online shopping and coupons and you could save a fortune. 

Written by money saving expert Ava Gregory. For more great money saving tips, follow Ava on Twitter @AARKShop