Holiday Table Linens For Your Home

The dining table offers a versatile space to decorate for the holidays. The dining table likely will be a central feature for any big holiday meals, but it’s also a good resting spot for eye-catching centerpieces and the cookies, candies, and other treats associated with holiday fun and food. Holiday table linens can stay the same through all uses, or can be changed according to how the table will be used on any given day during the holiday season.

Waiting for the Big Meal
On the days preceding and following the big holiday dinner, the dining table may serve as the resting place for holiday snacks and treats. On these days, holiday table linens can be solid colors, have homey plaid patterns, floral or decorated with scenes and figures specific to the holiday.
Neither do they have to take the form of tablecloths. A holiday-patterned runner that provides some color and holiday interest while also exposing most of the table’s surface can provide the foundation for elegant and inviting visual interest. Using a runner also enables easy cleanup of stray crumbs that can simply be wiped away instead of creating the need to change and clean a full tablecloth.
Gathering Around for the Holiday Dinner
The same patterns and colors can be used for the grand dinner, but many choose to use solid colored holiday table linens when creating an inviting table setting. Busy patterns can detract from the elegance of the china and crystal used for the holiday meal, particularly if the china being used also has a pattern of its own. A solid colored tablecloth provides a holiday backdrop for each place setting. It can serve to call attention to the table setting rather than to itself.
Solid color placemats on a heavily patterned tablecloth can achieve the same effect, framing and setting off each place setting. A solid color tablecloth covered with a lacy topper lets color show through without detracting from each place setting. An added benefit of using a topper is that it can be removed for cleaning after the meal, leaving behind the solid color base that still is clean enough to continue to use.
Party Buffet Time
For the holiday party buffet, holiday table linens can have any holiday appearance that complements the general theme of the holiday party. The hostess likely will not want snowmen and reindeer decorating the table linens used for a formal party, but those items are completely appropriate for informal gatherings. As is the case with the setting for the holiday meal, the table linens used for a holiday buffet can frame and set off the buffet dishes or merely provide a protective covering for the table.
One way to use both patterned and solid linens is to use a patterned tablecloth for the base and place buffet dishes on solid colored placemats. A table runner is a good choice for establishing the visual appeal of the table, placing buffet dishes on placemats or trivets on the open areas of the table.
Holiday table linens provide many options for decorating and can be changed throughout the holiday season to fit the occasion and the function they need to provide.
Megan Houseman is a freelance writer and avid sewer. She sells her custom holiday table linens online.