Home Builder’s Checklist

It is the dream very few are able to achieve; to design and build the home that you have always dreamed about. However, with great dreams comes great responsibility and rather than jump head first into the build, there are a few very important things you have to cross off the list. This initial checklist should be conceptualised as soon as the idea of building a home has entered you head and should list everything from getting planning permission, budget and what colour your slate roof tiles are going to be!

Planning Permission
First things first, in order to build the house of your dreams you have to stay within the boundaries of the law. Go online and look up the website for your local district council, there you will find the different application types and different conditions you may have to meet; these could include how many floors your home can have, if you plan on growing any trees and even if your living room roof can have skylights. It’s easiest to research all this before you actually submit your application to avoid any hurdles in the future.
Also check the plot of land you plan on building on for suitability. Can you easily access or install water, electricity and gas? And are there any government plans to build a road or highway nearby?
Now that you have permission to start building you can start spending the pennies! Of course we can assume that you have stored away some savings just for this but we can also acknowledge the fact that you will probably need to spend more than you initially imagined. Building a house is expensive but if you set out a strict budget for everything, at least you can be assured that the damage to your bank balance will be minimal.
The type of construction will make a big impact on what you spend; a unique, one-of-a-kind design with specific construction requirements will be a lot more expensive than a standard home. Decide whether your home is going to be energy efficient, taking into consideration that it might be more expensive now, but the double-glazing and solar panels could pay for themselves in the long run.
Be totally involved with the build as it progresses; be aware of all windows, doors and roof slate tiles, that way if a problem or issue should occur, you can sort it out quickly and efficiently and avoid any over-time or replacement costs.
Final Touches
It’s finished, almost. If there’s a paint job to do, perhaps this is a good time to decide a colour scheme; otherwise it’s time to turn this empty shell of a house into a home. All appliances like washing machines, showers and dishwashers should all be fitted first, then bulky furniture like beds, couches and book cases, until finally you can hang up your personal belongings and photos on the walls you help build. Now all you need to do it sit back, relax and be the king (or queen) of your castle.
This article was written by James Harper on behalf of Ashbrook Roofing, retailers of slate roof tiles and skylights. Take a look at their website to see their range of both slate roof tiles and skylights.
Photo: leyla.a