Home Improvement Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Every homeowner can look at their current home and see not what is in front of them, but the home they envision in their future. Whatever the dream: room to host the whole family for a weekend, a whirlpool tub set in Italian tile, or gilt edged toilet seats in every bathroom, it’s all attainable. But first lets get the basics down. These tips and tricks should help make your home a smidgen closer to your dreams.

  1. Clean and Organize- This is obvious, but it needs to be said. The number one factor that makes a house seem inadequate is simply being cluttered with junk. Before making a drastic change, try organizing belongings, cleaning windows, scrubbing grout, and getting stains off the walls and floor. Dust light fixtures, donate out of use items to the local Goodwill, and work on developing a system you can stick with. If your house is full of too much stuff and you don’t know how to make a change, there are even support groups out there for the over cluttered. Like those organized through Clutterless.
  2. Utilize the attic and basement- The two largest, unused spaces in most houses are the attic and basement. Depending on the circumstances, turning these into finished spaces can require a big monetary investment, but it can also mean the difference between a house that is too small and one that is everything you want. Basements can be very humid and get quite cold, so for a basement renovation consider putting in thick carpets and buying a dehumidifier. In wet climates, a sump pump is an important acquisition as it will quickly pump out water if the basement begins to flood. For an attic, invite a contractor or building inspector out to talk about bringing it up to code for your desired use.
  3. Practice! Build a shed- Think you might be the DIY type, but don’t have the hands on experience? Build a shed, playhouse, or even a doghouse in the yard for practice. Building a shed will help familiarize you with how foundations, floors, walls, and roofs fit together. Use it as a test surface for different paints, flooring, and door paneling. You can screw up over and over all in the name of learning, and without posing any threat to the structural integrity of your house.
  4. Create stencils- Paint jobs look simple but they can quickly turn into a mess.  An easy way to add decoration to any room without the need for a gifted painter’s touch, is to work with a stencil. Find your most artistic friend and collaborate with them to create a couple stencil outlines that you love. Then take the stencils and paint artistic borders all throughout the house, no experience required.
  5. “Seal” your house- Any home, but particularly older ones, can benefit from a good sealing now and again. Heated or cooled air, air that your house has put energy into conditioning to the perfect temperature, can sneak out through any number of places. Door and window frames are particularly big culprits. It can be worth calling in a contractor who knows how to find leaks and the right sealants to use, but if you’d like to try wandering around the house with a caulk gun in hand, this is a great DIY opportunity.

Gabe Slabosky a well-known writer in the home improvement industry writes about the tips that homeowners should know for home improvement. Gabe is a writer for WhoKnowsaContractor.com where homeowners can find a qualified contractor in their local area that has verified and reveiwed under strict guidelines.