Home Improvements Costs Hike by 10% as Green Costs Become Mandatory

In UK, millions of house owners worry about the added “green” expenditure that they would be incurring if they want to make any fixes or indulge in any kind of home improvement expenditures such as installation of new windows, making new rooms, replacement of broken boilers or anything else. It was notified that none of the house owners would be given permission to make these changes until they agree to contribute to the expenses of the insulation of walls or the loft. The estimated increase in the costs is expected to be around 10 percent to any improvement costs for the house.

Even though the government officials realize that this might be highly inconvenient for the owners of the houses, as they will have to schedule time off work in order to supervise the work that the workers will be doing at their houses. But, they stress upon the rising need and the overall benefits that the country will gain in terms of reduction in carbon footprints throughout the nation. Those in opposition of this proposal suggest that this is yet another way to pull out more finances from the already struggling house owners who cannot seem to figure out how to fulfill all the expenditures.

There are also rising fears and uncertainty that the house owners experience as they find themselves questioning the installation of these boilers and whether the workers will go through the correct legal procedure for the installation. These new proposals and installation schemes have been devised by the Local and Community Governments and not entirely at the National Level. One of the officials at DGLG stated that the only way this installation could be opted out was if the house already had a perfectly efficient system installed. In all other circumstances, this installation and extra costs are mandatory for the owners of households.

The household owners were offered loans to meet up the costs of this extra expenditure which gave the officials hopes that this would temporarily cause an increase in the level of loans demanded by the residents of the nation. They however do realize that the initial participation might be low and this would increase, as the policies are officially implemented. The Chairman of Energy and Climate Change Committee stated, “If people are spending their own money on a new boiler, compulsory intrusion is not appropriate. Encouragement or information about the scheme is justified, but it should not be made an absolute requirement to have builders inside your home.”

The councils at Community level do accept that this installation method might cause a lot of hassle for the owners of houses and say, “The changes should result in an increase in work for small builders, and if the Green Deal is used, this work would be provided at no upfront cost to consumers. But we will need to consider the risk that the new requirements could deter building occupiers from carrying out works. We will also be looking at “hidden” costs. For example, if in order to install a consequential improvement, a householder needed to organize for a different contractor to do the extra work, clear out their loft and take extra time off work to supervise the new contractor.”