Home Organization: Maximize Your Storage Space

When you decide to place your belongings in a public storage facility, you should pack efficiently. The reason is because you may have to retrieve items from your unit, and you will want to be able to find the items quickly. You will also need ample room in your unit to move freely.

You can also add additional items to the unit without having to worry about having enough space. Packing properly and being organized can determine the size unit you need to rent. If you take advantage of the available space, you may be able to rent a smaller unit and save money. To get the most out of your space, there are a few guidelines you should follow.

Organize And Plan
The first step is to determine what items are going into storage. Go through your belongings and make three piles. One pile is for storing your items, another for donating and the last one is for trash. There is no need to store items in your storage facility that should be thrown away or donated. Use the rule that says, if you haven’t used the item in six months or more, then you should donate it or throw it away. You can also have a garage sale with your donated pile. Go through your home room by room.

Packing Your Boxes
Mark the boxes that are going into storage. Mark the boxes that you want quick access to when it is placed in the unit. This way you will load these boxes into your unit last for quick retrieval. Keep boxes separate that contain heavy items. You will want to place these heavier boxes on the bottom in your unit. If you have items that break easily, you will want these stacked on top of your box stacks.

Use cardboard boxes that are strong. Old, worn out boxes may not hold up to weight. This can cause your stack to collapse in your unit. The boxes should be taped shut to protect the contents from dust and possible insects. Purchase bug baits and place them in your unit just in case your neighbors have insects.

Use heavy-duty bubble wrap or newspaper to protect breakable items. Be sure to mark the boxes as fragile when they contain breakable items. If you will be storing clothing, consider purchasing wardrobe boxes. This will allow the items to hang without wrinkling. Wrap your furniture with professional wrapping found at moving supply stores. This will protect your furniture from dust and possible damage.

Unloading Your Boxes
Start by placing the boxes that you don’t need access to at the back of the unit. Heavy boxes should always go on the bottom of a stack. Fragile items need to be placed on top. Stack your boxes as high as you can. Line the back and sides with boxes and determine how much space you have left for your furniture. Place expensive electronics at the back of the unit. Managing your space will allow you to store more items.

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