Home Security Secrets For Protecting Your Family

Is your family safe? This is a question I ask myself each day as I leave my family at home and go to work. Have I done enough to protect my loved ones and my home? What would happen in case of a fire or if there were an intruder? While I pray they will be protected, I also get a measure of peace knowing I have invested in a decent home security system.
Deciding which system to choose was something of a challenge. I needed to get a comprehensive home security system for a reasonable price. My family and I made the process fun. We made up a game called ‘If I were a burglar’ to identify vulnerable areas in our home. Next we called in a security company and told them about our concerns and our budget. They said the game had been a good idea because it identified some weaknesses. The company then did an assessment and recommended an excellent system which addressed all our concerns.
The system we decided on combines several elements. There are some motion activated lights for dark areas outside. There are yard sign announcing our security system. We also choose window and door sensors with a control panel connected to the security company. If the alarm is activated the company will contact us and emergency services. It’s a good, easy to use system we are comfortable with.

The key to us choosing the system we did was the security reviews we conducted. Actually we did two. Our game ‘If I were a burglar’ was actually a security review designed to help us identify potential weak spots in our home. The security company then conducted their own security review. Together we were able to agree on a good, basic home security system at a price I could comfortably afford.
An important part of deciding on an appropriate home security system was doing my research.
The home security reviews I found helped us to understand what to look for as we selected our
own home security system and also gave us some insight into what to look for in a home security company and the types of technology that was available.
Doing the home security reviews was very helpful. It helped my family and me to look at our home in a completely different way. The reviews helped us to see what was available and offered some home security ‘must haves’. I still worry about my family. But that’s just because I love them.
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