Hormonal Imbalances: Women And Estrogen

There are different effects in the body if you have high and low levels of estrogen. If your body gets too much, it might cause breast related diseases and on the other hand if you get too low levels of estrogen, it can cause hormonal imbalances and even cancer.

Understanding Balance

Although women have proportionally a lot of estrogen as compared to men, it’s more than just estrogen. There are also your levels of testosterone and progesterone. The balance is delicate; which means an imbalance of these hormones can cause problems in women.

Here are just some of the common causes that can be caused by low-estrogen:

  • Vicious mood swings. Although mensies can cause you to be in a bad mood, women who have hormonal imbalances tend to be more violent and can cause serious problems in the long run.
  • Dryness and lack elasticity. The lack of estrogen can cause a woman’s vagina to lose its elasticity and can lead of dryness due to the lack of estrogen to help maintain it. This can also lead to loss of sexual drive.
  • Loss of breast firmness and thinner skin. The lack of estrogen in your body can cause you to have thinner and less moisturized skin. Having insufficient or imbalanced hormones is also the cause of a woman’s breast losing its firmness.

How to Solve Low Estrogen

Nutrients and supplements can help manage low levels of estrogen in your body. For instance, it is recommended that you should have high amounts of minerals and calcium in your body in order to meet the demands of your body so that it can produce estrogen.

Dieting is an effective form of treatment for women who want to get a hold of their estrogen production, but there are also a lot of options to insure that you get rid of this imbalance:

  • Lifestyle changes. This is of course, integral for your treatment. if you’re prone to other vices such as smoking or even alcohol, then it’s best to kick the habit. You might find that going for a more holistic lifestyle is far better than just getting your fill of the excess.
  • Supplements. Supplements provide a good alternative since they come compact in terms of needed nutrients. Also, they’re more dependable than alternative medicine since they can directly address malnutrition by taking a controlled amount of supplementation.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Hormone therapy works for the most part if all else fails. Although this might need surgery in order to accomplish it does yield some results.

PCOS and Other Causes

Again, there are a lot of different potential reasons why you have low levels of estrogen. PCOS is an endocrinal condition that can cause a myriad or other distressing conditions and it is connected to difficulty in getting pregnant. Other causes connected to low estrogen is such as using steroids, hGH and other drugs that exhibit high levels of testosterone in your body. If an initial diagnosis does not work, consult your doctor for a more thorough analysis of your problem.

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