Horrible Tornado Over A School In Pennsylvania

Horrible Tornado Over A School In Pennsylvania

On Thursday, 9th July 11, 2015, a school in Pennsylvania, called, Blue Mountain Adventist Elementary School was highly affected by the Tornado. It was too much high speedy and strong storm that, it contained the speed about 150Km/h. This school was about 46 years old and was a very popular among the area. However, as the school was close at that catastrophic situation, that’s why no one could get any harm by this horrible storm. If it happened in the class time, then a several number of deaths could be occurred by this terrific stormy situation.

From the eye witness, it had got to know that, the principal of Blue Mountain Adventist Elementary School, named Rachel Wardecke was talking on her phone while it was winding too loudly. She was the only person who was about to stay in the school at the stormy time because of her some official task. Wherever, at the meanwhile, she was talking through her phone, she noticed that the heavy storm suddenly attacked on the school’s roof. A very horrible scene created, whenever she found that the tornado destroyed the whole school within the meanwhile. Rachel just ran from there and could save her anyhow. This report was streamed live on this page .

The police and the other rescue team reached that affected spot after the tornado and tried to find out the exact affected figure and also informed the insurance company for the money of repairing. Well! Though it is a matter of being upset that a very popular school like this one, just fully destroyed by atrocious disaster, but it also should be mentioned that, no children could be harmed by this ghastly condition as the school was closed at that time. It’s certainly a great matter to the children and their parents too.

As the condition of this school is unable to continue the study and other tasks, it has declared to stay close for few months, in order to reconstructions. The principal supposed that they could continue their regular works from the fall session. As Blue Mountain Adventist Elementary School almost destroyed with a huge part, it would take much time to get back the previous condition of it. And they can start their renovating constructive works after getting the money from the insurance company. But it may take some more time. So they have to wait till then as some investigation is running.

It is assumed that this horrifying tornado also attacked with a very remarkable mark on other aspects too. All could not find out or remarked yet, but the searching and rescuing mission is still on. Many more houses and properties were also affected by this disaster. Whatever, any dead news had not reached yet, but many people injured by this repulsive storm, so, there is a possibility of getting the dead news still now. The injured people were taken to the nearest hospitals or medical team and provided the primary treatment within the shortest period. The republican presidential debate live streaming 2016 also broadcasted the storm’s news.