Hospitality Business Can Offer Great Comfort Installing Advanced PTAC Heating and Cooling Systems

Hospitality Business Can Offer Great Comfort Installing Advanced PTAC Heating and Cooling Systems

Guests expect amenities like swimming pool, breakfast, Wi-Fi, good room service, and efficiently working air conditioner. Air conditioning systems are becoming a necessity or an integral part of hospitality sector.

Key role of air conditioners in hotels

Considering the changing time, needs got evolved in this modern world and so people prefer the need for more and more comfort.

Hospitality sector needs to realize that between developing needs for comfort and changing weather pattern, majority of people seek best comfort in indoor temperature.

Equation to remember is –

Comfortable room = Comfortable stay

Still holding inefficient cooling solutions

Majority of hospitality facilities still struggle with complexities and costs associated with their traditional cooling system. Bigger hotels are still using the conventional centralized cooling systems. Local lodgings and small hotels prefer window type models. These conventional systems are costly to maintain. Moreover, the expected comfort level is not provided to their guests.

Is there an option?

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner or PTAC technology is being introduced in many hospitality establishments. It is a kind of heating and cooling solution, which is suitable for a single-room. In comparison to window AC, PTAC is bigger, gives better performance, and the heating/cooling function is powerful. Hotel owners can equip every room with Lloyd PTAC, so that guests get to enjoy the maximum temperature comfort in winter or summer, at low cost.

PTAC is a compact and self-contained cooling and heating system. It is also ideal for extra cooling in specific zones along with centralized HVAC system.

Evolving of technology increases the end users’ expectations so manufacturers needs to design better PTAC models. Today, the improved version of PTAC is the Gree E-TAC system, which is more intelligent, smarter, and better in comparison.

Features of E-TAC

  • Washable and interchangeable air filters for permanent use
  • Accessible chassis for removing easily
  • Bi-directional discharge grill
  • User friendly system configuration
  • Dry humidification function prevents mold and mildew growth
  • Digital touch-pad control for adjusting and managing temperature functions
  • Speed mode feature
  • Wall thermostat interface
  • Set point stopper
  • LCDI [Leak current detection & interruption] plugs to prevent electrical fire
  • Temperature activated drainage valve, which prevents water freezing in base-pan when outdoor temperature drops significantly below 12.8°C
  • Condensate disposal system ensures system efficiency

Reasons to use ETAC

  • Highly energy efficient
  • Smarter control system
  • Better capabilities
  • Design flexibility
  • Highly Cost effective
  • Superior performance

How hospitality business can take advantage of ETAC cooling and heating technology?

Hospitality business operators need to be aware that offering comfort to guests is the only thing they need to strive for. Their goal boils down in creating a good living ambiance for accommodating guests. Installing ductless Samsung AC system can be extremely worthy to your business.

You can replace your traditional HVAC and opt for advanced PTAC model that is Gree E-TAC. Opting for this advanced heating and cooling solution you will be able to meet the consistent demands for maximum convenience and comfort. In addition, your business can also benefit from significant savings with regards to better and efficient performance.