Hostels vs. Paying Guest Accommodation – Which One Is Better?

There has always been a fine line difference in the concept of hostels and paying guest accommodation. Hostel accommodation applies to the much disciplinary stay which may or may not be a part of any vocational institutes. Like, there are many educational institutes which provides the hostel accommodation accompanied by strict discipline issues. Paying Guest also applies to an accommodation options but it has leniency as compared to hostels.

There are also certain similarities which gives an impression that the concepts of hostels and paying guest are same…Both of these cater to accommodation of individuals who are staying away from home either for academic or career pursuits which could be based on single or sharing occupancy…


Sharing of the Facilities

In hostels you are expected to share the facilities with others whereas in paying accommodation, you have the leniency to not share the facilities with others. You may have some more space for yourself.


As per as the cost of living is concerned, hostels appear more pocket friendly than paying guest. For instance, if you are considering hostels as well as paying guest accommodation in Mira Road the cost you need to bear for PG accommodation would be higher than the hostel accommodation in the same area.


Hostels provide you with more personal security, though there is less of that guaranteed for your belongings wherein, if you are in paying guest…you may have a cupboard allotted to you, where you can keep your luggage and baggage which ensures security of it, though in general paying guest scores low in personal one.


In hostels generally, food are served at particular point of time. There is a schedule for serving the breakfast, lunch and dinner and you need to be present during that time to avail the facility wherein food is not a mandate service offered to the individuals who are staying there. You need to arrange your own food and if you are availing the services for food too, then you need to pay extra for the same.


Hostels have a friendly ambience, since the landlord or landlady just leases out the premise to the tenants and there is a warden who is supposed to look after and maintain the discipline in the premise whereas in paying guest it is more like a family ambience where you are sharing the premise with the landlord or the landlady which gives a family like ambience.

In both the instances, there have been a strict disciplinary followed in timings. At night there is a cut off time, when the door or the gate of the PG as well as hostels getclosed and you have been expected inside before that. There are restrictions maintained for partying and calling friends for sleepovers since there could be space crunches or other issues.

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