Household Appliances That Are Common Causes Of Residential Fires

People are scared of fires because when such incidents occur, the devastation is often great. Fires can devour everything that a person has worked for his entire life. But sometimes, individuals become lax when it comes to fire safety. Many homeowners, for example, fail to fix or maintain their household appliances. It is important to realize that poor maintenance and incorrect use of common electrical gadgets can cause fire accidents.

Here are some of the most common culprits of residential fires.

1. Dishwashers – Faulty wiring in dishwashers can cause fires. Short circuits and overheating can occur and it is possible for fire to spread to other items and areas.

2. Refrigerators – Faulty electronic wiring and electrical failure have instigated fire accidents.

3. Gas stove or gas range – This kitchen tool is obviously a fire hazard as it is often used in cooking or heating things. There are several ways that fires can start because of ranges or stoves, and one is when a person leaves things cooking on a stove. Flammable objects, such as curtains or oven mitts, should also be placed away from open fire. Gas leaks are also risks; thus, hoses or connections must be regularly maintained.

4. Air conditioners -Problems with electrical wiring are also concerns. So, it is best to have air conditioners checked and maintained by professionals. Installation should also be done by experts to make sure that an air conditioning unit is plugged in the right socket. This also avoids problems related to electrical overloads or low voltage issues.

5. Heating equipment – Toasters, microwave ovens, burners, irons, heaters, and furnaces are among the most common causes of fires. Overheating, short circuits, and other problems with electrical or fuel connections can trigger house fires.


How to Prevent Fires

Do not leave things on stoves or ranges unattended.

One activity that triggers a large percentage of house fires is cooking. Fires can start when items are left on burners or when items that easily catch fire are left near flames.


– To avoid fires due to cooking accidents, always pay attention to what’s on the stove.

– Do not put rags, recipe books or other flammable objects near fire.

– Keep range lids clean as accumulation of debris or grease can also lead to fires.

Do not tinker with electrical connections or other internal parts of household appliances.

Those who think that they can fix the problem on their own should always think twice about opening up an electronic device and tinkering with its internal components. When people attempt to fix things, they may aggravate the problem or cause wires and other cables to become loose.


– Call professionals to install, fix or maintain electrical devices.

– Contact a qualified electrician for concerns regarding electrical connections.

– Check electrical cables and power cords to see if these are worn or frayed.

Install fire or smoke detectors and other fire-prevention devices.

Many fires are detected and contained quickly because of fire-prevention equipment.


– Have specialists install smoke sensors or fire alarms.

– Make sure that there’s a fire extinguisher nearby and know how to use it.


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