How 4 Unique Medical Devices Have Evolved

How 4 Unique Medical Devices Have Evolved

The medical industry is constantly evolving to better serve you. This often means that medical devices need to evolve in order to adapt to the changing climate. Here are some unique medical devices that have evolved with the ages.

Surgical Options

Surgery used to be something that was avoided at all costs. There are less invasive surgical options that can help you to lead a longer and fuller life. One of the latest techniques is using a laser-guided surgical system. This reduces the amount of recovery time that you tend to experience following this type of surgery. You can get back to your life faster. It also helps doctors to perform more accurate procedures with this type of technology.

Improved Imaging

X-rays used to be the only way in which a doctor could see what was going on inside your body without cutting you open. The imaging department at your local hospital these days has an array of advanced imaging techniques. This gives your doctor a better idea of how to treat your ailment. They are also safer than the older style of X-rays. Measures are still taken to shield other areas of your body from radiation exposure, but the end result is more accurate.

Advancements in Delivery Mechanisms

The hypodermic needle has been used for centuries. This type of delivery system has helped to save countless lives over the years. In addition, the prevalence of IV pumps have improved the delivery mechanism to receive life-saving medications and fluids. There are several different styles of pumps that can be utilized. One particularly unique one is the Baxter Smart IV Pump. This means that you can walk around with a pump installed and not have to remain in a hospital setting if it isn’t required.

The Rise of Stents

Stents have been around since the 1980’s. However, they have evolved so that they’re safer and more effective. Older style stents would only last a few months and would have to be replaced in order to remain effective. Newer stents can remain in place for the rest of your life. This means that you won’t be subjected to another procedure in order to replace the original stent. This is done by coating the stent in a drug so that it doesn’t become clogged up.

Advances in medical devices occur on a fairly routine basis. This is what allows you to receive the best medical care that is available at the time.