How A New Yoga Class Can Benefit Your Physical and Mental Health

How A New Yoga Class Can Benefit Your Physical and Mental Health

Yoga classes have become extremely popular in the United States. Getting your exercise from yoga has several different benefits, both for your physical and your mental health. Here are four of the top benefits you’ll see when you start a new yoga class for the first time.

Reduced Stress

Though all exercise is good for reducing your stress levels, yoga is particularly effective at helping you relax. Yoga can help you to focus on what you’re doing at the moment, thus taking your mind off of stressful situations in your day to day life. Since many yoga classes also include meditation, there is often a dual benefit in terms of stress relief. This is where the body-mind connection comes in.  Yoga helps calm the mind and lowers stress hormones.

Increased Flexibility

Because it forces you to put your body in positions you normally wouldn’t assume, yoga is a great way to improve your flexibility. This benefit is especially good for older people take up yoga, since it can help eliminate the stiffness that often comes with age. Your flexibility won’t increase instantly, but you’ll see substantial improvements if you practice yoga regularly for several months.

Reduce Minor Back Pain

Many people have back pain due to past injuries or improper posture. Among the many benefits of yoga is its ability to reduce pain in the muscles of the back. Not all back pain can be alleviated with yoga. If you have actual spinal damage, for instance, yoga may not be effective in reducing the pain. In many cases, however, making a regular practice of yoga can help to relieve tension in the back muscles that can lead to pain over time. If you suffer from minor back pain, taking up yoga is a good option for dealing with it. If you have severe, chronic pain, however, it’s better to consult a physician.

Improve Overall Fitness without High Impact

Yoga is an ideal form of exercise for people who have a hard time with high-impact exercise regimens. The positions in yoga are physically challenging enough to have a very real impact on your physical fitness, but don’t involve any of the heavy impacts of exercises like running or vigorous bicycling. Because it involves supporting only your body weight, yoga also reduces the risk of injury that often comes with weightlifting. If you want to improve your overall physical condition with a low impact regimen, yoga is one of the best options you’ll find.

These are only a few of the many benefits of starting a yoga class. If you want to improve your physical and mental well-being, consider giving yoga a try.