How A Simple Window Treatment Can Give Your Home Complexity

The decorating world is turning its head towards windows as a way to add depth and sparkle. Several trends have placed window treatments on the highest pedestal, to the extent that home owners are rushing out in crowds to update this previously humble detail. Glass and its treatments have grown to become the heroes of the spaces they command. When picking replacement windows, NJ home owners are focused on adding dimension, deepening contrast and inviting the great outdoors inside.

Perhaps the boldest trend of the season is that of nature. Never before have the elements and flora been more central. Decorators have few options that blur the solid line drawn between interior and exterior but few are needed—windows perform the task impeccably. Window treatments erase that bold line by disappearing behind the wings so that scenery can show off in the foreground. All lines on windows are barely there, which has given horizontal windows a leading role. They’re modest enough to let the outdoors steal the focus. They’re also skilled at exuding a minimalist air and in today’s home the only detail with permission to be lush and fussy is the view.

Fashion demands that elements be placed in the forefront, turning light and wind into tools in the decorator’s design kit. A summer breeze is caught in sheer window treatments which double-perform by letting a copious amount of light into the room. Light received its decorating jacket largely because it helps emphasize the facet of contrast. This is accomplished largely through the use of deep chocolate and faded stone, combined with an overwhelming amount of teak. This blend has the potential to wilt in a gloomy space, so bay and bow windows have swooped to the rescue. Heroic for their capacity to draw sunlight into shadowed spaces, they come with added benefits. Bow and bay windows add an extra dimension to square spaces. Boxy rooms are no longer desirable so furniture rearrangements and window replacements are giving New Jersey home owners the complexity they need.

Eclecticism is a trend with less emphasis but it carries enough chutzpah to carry itself confidently. Casement windows are the superstars of cozy rooms wearing rich hues and Brazilian Cherry. They paint a stroke of romanticism into the space without ignoring the elements. Summer breezes are invited in by hinged treatments. Replacement windows give NJ decorators a thousand ways of welcoming Mother Nature indoors.

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