How a Small Bathroom Can Function as a Stylish and Spacious Restroom

Small bathrooms do not need to disappoint the style quotient as small is no longer cramped by default. With smart choices, a small bathroom can be a restroom that is stylish and also spacious enough. Thanks to modern inventions, here’s how to make the best of a small space.

  • Toilets do matter

Wall-mounted taps are all the vogue and so are the range of wall-mounted vanity cabinets. Why should a restroom lag behind? A wall-mounted or wall hung toilet can save space and also appear in proportion to room size.

Generally, toilets with tanks tend to look larger than life in small restrooms; instead, a wall hung model will appear to fit the bill. The tank is hidden behind the wall and so it is only the toilet that can be seen which creates an illusion of more space than there is actually. Also, plus points multiply when one considers the cleaning aspect. All one has to bother about is the toilet bowl as the tank area and base needn’t be considered.

The look does have the added appeal of having a neat and modernised finish. If it doesn’t seem right, then a pull chain flush can work as a space saver.

  • Don’t turn your back to black

Bold dark shades interspersed with white can liven up even the smallest of bathrooms and such shades are best when used in moderation. This contrast of black with white can be used in all its patterned mystery and can spell elegance. Start by getting a black finished vanity cabinet and fit your white basin above it to do away with the need of a counter top. A white toilet and some interesting striped wallpaper can add to the charm. Finish with an alcove bath in pure white featuring a black mosaic tile background.

A pedestal basin too can work wonders if it is the square shaped variety as it will make the room appear larger. You can have a mounted glass shelf above to hold vanity goods. Another option is to keep a wall-mounted shelf on the side with towel rails attached to the sides of the cabinet to serve as a towel rack.

  • Work on the height

If you want to emphasise the height of the room to make it seem more spacious, have some decorative column shaped tiling that reaches up to the ceiling in certain parts of the room. Or you can use striped wallpaper for effect. Long mirrors can help create a spacious look as also a mounted vanity above the toilet. Shifting the toilet to the rear of the bathroom will lengthen the aspect of the room. Having an alternate tiling pattern on the wall behind the toilet will enhance room height.

  • Think big

With the bathroom space smaller, opt for costlier materials. Look out for a granite countertop or a surreal marble one; getting it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Contemporary wallpaper can make your bathroom look modern, upbeat and stylish and bolder styles are perfect for small rooms.

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