How An HR Kiosk Will Benefit Your Company

Is the paperwork involved in Human Resources (HR) getting you down? An HR kiosk can be a great way to revolutionise your company. Working on a self-service basis, you can empower your employees and save money at the same time. Not all of your staff will have access to a computer and email system, so a HR kiosk reconnects your workforce with the wider web and extends the accessibility of HR to everyone.
An HR kiosk can carry out many of the tasks performed by an HR person, and at a fraction of the cost. Instead of juggling documents across departments, once installed, an HR kiosk can save on time and paper.

Everyone is Important
HR kiosks are designed to be entirely user-friendly – so your employees won’t be scratching their heads – and reliable around the clock. The amount of employees who don’t have daily access to a computer can reach 30%-40%. Every one of your staff are important and it’s crucial that they all have easy access to the same services.
Cost Effective
All of the money you save with the self-management of your employee’s HR means you have more money to invest into your business: cut back on processing, resource, and distribution costs. Not only this, but HR kiosks are fantastic for morale as individuals like to have their independence and feel as if they are trusted by the company.
A Variety of Designs
You can choose from a variety of kiosk designs to suit your company, including freestanding, table top, and built-in models, and you even have the option of branding them with your business logo. There is a wide variety of kiosks now available online.
Security is advanced, so you will know that your employee’s details are safe. If you’re wondering what kind of security technology a HR kiosk provides:

  • Laser printer
  • Thermal printer
  • Mag stripe
  • Smart card reader
  • Badge reader
  • Bar code scanner
  • Proximity sensor
  • Privacy screen
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Telephone
  • Webcam

As a business, you can even keep an eye on usage through a log-in scheme and top of the range web reporting function. Also, many HR kiosks offer real-time updates, allowing you to stay current. Everyone will be able to use the HR kiosk, even the technologically inept, with the added keyboard function and simple display screen.
Function Benefits
Some of the benefits involve access to pay record, requesting holiday time, and job training facilities. This means no more liaising with the HR department, so your employee can get back to work quicker. If your employees have any queries, an HR kiosk gives you the option to develop an FAQ page on subjects such as benefits and company policies. Of course, an HR kiosk makes the job of many HR staff members completely redundant, saving you the sum of each department member’s salary package – in total, that can be a vast amount of money!
HR kiosks have been popular with companies such as USPS, Pepsi, Avery Dennison, Walmart, and Disney. These companies have realised the utilisation value and future of HR kiosks – they’re getting ahead of their competitors by using this technology to make huge savings.
This guest blog post was submitted on behalf of Evoke-Kiosks and written by British blogger Francesca.