How An Island Can Make A Great Addition To Your Kitchen

If you have a large open plan area like a studio apartment or large dining room that merges with your kitchen area then an island can make a perfect addition and also act as a divider between the room spaces.

Often a room that is too big and spacious can appear vast and if there is no features to draw the eye towards the room itself can become disjointed. This would happen when too many rooms with different uses and styles are all trying to compete with each other.

Admittedly, an island will only work within large areas as there still needs to be space to walk around and use the kitchen safely. A small kitchen or kitchen/dining area could be sectioned off with a sofa or the dining table itself.

An island can also become a multifunctional addition to the kitchen or dining area. Make the island stand out, yet still feel associated with the kitchen by using the same worktops. Otherwise it will look like a piece of furniture rather than an extension of the kitchen.

Cooking can become a central part of socialising as some islands can be fitted with the cooking appliances in them. This way you can cook without having your back to the rest of the room. You can also make the island the space for all your cooking related utensils to save time walking from cupboards and draws to you new kitchen unit.

There are other ways to utilise an island by making it a social area. Place bar stool style chairs against the unit and encourage seating with cups and glasses positioned in the area and even a wine rack underneath for those evenings entertaining.

One way to make sure the island is part of the kitchen is to use stylish flooring that will draw the eye to the island. If you have a studio or large open space that is not divided in any way by walls think about how the flooring will look in the kitchen and living/dining area. Think about the amount of foot traffic in your home and what it will need to handle. If you have an open plan space it might not be a good design idea to try and separate the different areas. Kitchen tiles will not work in the dining area and likewise carpet in the kitchen in unpractical.

Laminate and oak effect flooring is worth considering in this instance as it can work in both areas of the home.

Jacey is passionate about DIY and home improvements. She enjoys discovering different kitchen interior designs and how they can transform a room into a home. In her spare time, she writes for her own DIY and home improvement blog.