How And Why To Buy A Flamenco Guitar

Flamenco guitar is one of the most awe inspiring sights to behold in most of the music world. Unlike traditional guitar, flamenco guitar has a different sort of passion that not even rock and roll guitar can emulate. This is one of the reasons people love to adopt the fiery flamenco style and love to listen to it and even better watch it live.

For children Flamenco guitar can be a great starting point as it allows them to get accustomed to a new instrument while also to learn the skills required in many other musical instruments of the classical persuasion.


Flamenco guitar also is a great instrument for children to learn and play as it also has a certain amount of street cred. Though children are learning an instrument with a long history, it is still quite cool and they can turn their hand to the music of their choice when they wish. This allows them to play the more popular spectrum of music when the time comes and as they’ve learned the skills of flamenco guitar they will have no problem in doing so well.
Flamenco guitars are also quite low cost to purchase and this means that adults can easily enough afford to give children and instrument they will learn to know and love without breaking the bank. Flamenco guitars are very not all that different to the traditional acoustic guitar and they essentially look the same.
One of the most major differences between the classic acoustic and flamenco guitars is the strings. The flamenco guitar will use the nylon style of string, whereas the traditional acoustic is steel strung for the sort of sound it requires. There are also a number of other minor aesthetic differences, but unless you understood what you were looking for you may never know the difference between the two sorts of guitars.

What to Consider

When you are purchasing flamenco guitar there are a few things for you to consider. The guitar should have a low action as this will be required, however it should not produce a buzz when played as this is the sign of an action that is too low. You should also remember the quality of the wood and know that a quality wood will produce a better sound than a laminated one.
Make sure there is a tapping plate on the guitar. If there is no tapping plate on the guitar then you should ensure that you get one put on it. Most guitar shops will attach a tapping plate onto your guitar for you.
Look for a lighter flamenco guitar. Though, this is a personal preference the lighter guitar is more comfortable and also more user friendly.
Price is also a defining factor and like most guitars you can spend as much as you want. Saying that there are a number of good second hand and also new guitars for a lower price these days, so take advantage of this and happy playing.

  • Photograph by Waferboard (via Flickr) [CC BY 2.0]

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