How Are Horoscopes Created?

When reading your daily, weekly or monthly horoscope you may wonder how exactly horoscopes are defined and made. Horoscopes have been around for centuries, and the alignment of the stars have often captured many individuals imaginations, searching within their movement for meaning and guidance in everyday life. The understanding of horoscopes and the basis of their creation is the observing and measuring of the movements within our solar system.

Interpretation and Fact

However, all astrologists seem to have different methods of creating their horoscopes, as we all know one horoscope is never identical to the other therefore lots of horoscopes and their creation is up to interpretation. Many astrologers take the approach of setting up a two dimensional map of the planets and the stars, and line up birth dates according to these marks. However, from this the astrologer would have to presume that everyone was born at the same time on the same day, and that all personalities match up within the birth dates that create one horoscope, this of course is unlikely to be true.


The Creation of a Horoscope

Horoscopes in general are created using a zodiac chart, and the zodiac is the division of the ecliptic or the sun’s annual path. These divisions are split into twelve, four different seasons and three signs in each which represent fire, earth, air and water. The twelve different signs are also associated with a different planet, for example, Aries and Scorpio are linked with the planet Mars and Cancer is linked with the movements of the Moon. Therefore astrologists use the movements of the planet that your zodiac is associated with to determine how your horoscope will change, especially movements in the sky during a certain day or month. The origins of astrology had always centred around a thirst for knowledge, and was a genuine attempt to find some connection between the movement of our universe and our own personal lives, and many felt that their future was ‘written in the stars’. The only problem with the horoscopes we read in our day to day lives is whether or not we should believe them, sometimes they can be very general and not make much sense and other times they can be exactly spot on. Whether the horoscopes we read in our favourite gossip magazine or newspaper have been created by a astrologist who has had the dedication and interest to make proper calculations about our destiny is certainly questionable, in many cases horoscopes are recycled and used over and over again as they are not necessarily viewed as important as they once were.

However, as we have discovered there is an exact science to the creation of the horoscope, and has been an ancient tradition that has lasted throughout time as people will always be interested in what their future holds, and look to horoscopes for little pockets of knowledge that might give them a general or specific view of how their future may pan out, either on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. The personal interpretation of a horoscope is of course entirely up to its reader.

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