How Braces Change Your Diet And Lifestyle

Choosing to get braces can be a difficult time in one’s life, as this decision comes with many diet and lifestyle changes. Often times, the patient is not aware of these changes until the braces have been applied. However, by being prepared and learning about the changes, all patients will know what to expect as they get used to their new braces.

Changes in Diet

Perhaps the biggest change that patients will realize is that their diets will change drastically. One of the biggest challenges is to avoid eating anything that can get stuck in the braces, which includes items like candy, gum, or popcorn. Since braces can be on for years, it is often difficult for the wearer to realize that he or she has to avoid their favorite snacks. Also, at times, braces need to be tightened or adjusted, which can be painful. If this is the case, wearers often have to resort to eating soft foods, like jello and mashed potatoes, until the pain goes away.

Lifestyle Changes

Similarly, many braces wearers have to get used to small lifestyle changes resulting from the braces. Patients will be responsible for keeping up with a tight appointment schedule, which will help them to progress swiftly. Also, wearers will have to practice excellent dental hygiene, as it is difficult to clean the teeth as closely as it was prior to wearing braces. Patients should do their best to floss and brush and may also consider investing in a water pick to help clean between the teeth. Braces wearers should also consider how to best protect their mouths. For instance, if one plays sports, it is a good idea to wear a mouth guard or some sort of protection in order to make sure that the braces are not affected. If by some chance the braces become damaged, it is important to make an appointment with one’s orthodontist as soon as possible to repair any damage; it is never a good idea for one to try to repair the braces at home.
Getting braces for the first time is often a big adjustment for patients, but with time, wearers will get used to the diet and lifestyle changes associated with them. By being aware of the different changes that one needs to make, it will be easy to ensure a safe and smooth transition to wearing braces. Also, by following all of the above rules, wearers can ensure a beautiful smile once the braces are taken off.

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