How Can Range Extenders Improve Home Networks?

Lately you have been experiencing issues regarding wireless connection in your household, and you do not have a clue how to enhance the signal everywhere. The problem is, if you are close to the router the signal is perfect, streaming HD video clips, downloads and everything goes smoothly, but If you move just a bit aside you can almost hear dial up sound in your head as the quality and speed of connection are similar to the ones you had in 1990s. Is there anything that can boost your connection?

To keep a strong internet signal across your house you should consider purchasing a range extender, a powerful life-saving device. You will not need to wrack your brains about not being able to upload a project or stream the necessary video and the horrible buffering logo will be ancient history. What is more, this kind of equipment is actually cheaper than you might think. For something that can speed up and save your life and business, the cost of $75 to $150 is rather cheap. And, of course, you will pay it once and ensure that there is no anxiety and stressing out over the lousy Wi-Fi signal. Wi-Fi range extender will make you more relaxed about deadlines and finishing work or study materials, as you will be guaranteed to have a perfect signal coverage all over the place.

How does it Work?

Range extenders disable black spots of signal in your household. This kind of device catches the Wi-Fi signal and rebroadcasts it, while strengthening the signal which is transmitted from the router to any part of your household, no matter how distant it is. There is a repeater which receives the signal with a half of its internal antennae and the other half is used to transmit the signal. What is more, this device shares bandwidth with your router.

How and where to Install it?

What you need to do is place it not far away from the router, so choose a central position in your household which is close to the router itself. Think vertically instead of horizontally, for the best effect you should consider placing the Wi-FI range extender on the second floor of your house and let the signal be spread down to the floor where your would actually be using the Internet.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that the range extender needs to be placed half way between the router and the device which you use for web browsing. Create such ideal conditions and fear poor streaming no more. Moreover, while choosing the perfect location, be sure to put it away from all the devices that may interfere with it: microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, cordless devices and remote controls.


An important thing to do is both before and after you have placed it, run internet speed test to compare the results and see is there an increase in the speed, if not, you have not installed the extender correctly, so go all over the process again. In addition to all the aforesaid, if you have an encrypted connection you will need to provide it for the range extender, too. It will require that you type it in.

Range Extender is No Magical Fix

Although this device seems miraculous to you, it will not fix your poor network quality, if the signal is bad itself. What it does is boost the signal and if it is bad already, than there can be just little difference after installing the new device. You may want to upgrade your router and its software and inspect if there are any issues and call a professional to fix it, and only then you install a range extender to experience its full effect.

If you live in a large house Wi-Fi range extenders are a life saver, so consider installing one, as this is the only way to boost and ensure your network performance.