How Can Small Business Owners Benefit From Local Link Building?

Why Link Build?

The number of inbound links your site has from other reputable sites is a key factor in where you will feature in search results. The term “reputable sites” almost gets forgotten by a number of site owners, who turn to using link farms and other spamming SEO techniques, which ultimately leaves them nowhere when it comes to their search engine visibility.

Use these tips instead to increase your local visibility and be assured of high quality links.

Use Local Search Listings

Google, as well as the chasing pack in the world of search engines, allow you to place your business contact details into their directories. Google Places is by far the most used on the internet, so make sure you go there first as a priority. To further boost your presence with Google, ensure you have a Google+ account for your business, as Google Places now automatically integrates with the other Google services.

Find Bloggers

This is easier said than done, but whether you look on freelance writing websites, forums, or contact bloggers directly, there are great gains to be had from getting a blogger to review your product, website, or company. If you can give the blogger an incentive to write for you, whether that be on-going paid work or a complimentary product, you will likely find success.

Use Local SEO Techniques

Hire an SEO company to take care of localised SEO on your behalf. As well as optimising your site, they will also take care of listing you on local directories and service provider websites, giving you a double whammy of search boosts and bringing extra local leads to your website.

Network with Local Businesses

Whether you go in and introduce yourself face to face or attend local business meetings, making yourself known in the local area will increase the chances of you being granted inbound links from other websites and further establishing your online profile. There are many groups of smaller businesses who work together to build links for each other, with the aim to develop a community focussed on local products and services rather from large retailers and commercial corporations.

Put Your Name on Something

Sponsor the local jumble sale, ask to organise a talk in your nearest library, or build your reputation for delivering excellence at all times. This will lead to your name and website appearing on numerous promotions, both online as well as offline, and enable you to capitalise on all of the potential business in your local area.

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