How Can You Add Value To Your Car?

The idea of increasing the value of your car is certainly a very appealing one and there are a number of simple ways in which you can do this.
Although you may not realise it you can add value to your car in numerous ways and it really is a case of the smaller aspects coming together to make a significant difference. By taking it upon yourself to improve a handful of your car’s features you will find that the sale price you can generate is so much higher than you initially thought.

Spruce up the interior
It is a fairly obvious one to consider but no matter how impressive the outside of your car looks it must be clean and tidy on the inside to suitably impress any prospective buyers. Use the vacuum to ensure the carpets are looking as good as possible and have the mats in similarly great condition. It is also highly advisable that you use cleaning products made specifically for cars, as opposed to the products you use to clean your home.
Shine it up
Adding the necessary shine to the vehicle is another key contributory factor in increasing the value. Firstly, give some attention to the wheels by cleaning them thoroughly and maybe using a tire shine product as this will make a big difference in how they look. As with the interior you should look at using cleaning products that are made specifically for cars when working on the exterior. Use the wax to shine the car up and have it looking as new as it possibly can. The lights are also an important part of this process as using the correct products to clean these can make a really positive impact on the outside of the car.
Minor repairs
Besides making sure all the necessary fluids are at the level they should be you will also want to fix any minor problems. Turning a blind eye to these issues will deliver a considerable hit to the value of the car, if you manage to sell it at all. If there is any damage to the lights this is a relatively simple thing to sort out and you should also do the same for small scratches as these can usually be seen to without having to shell out a large sum of money.
All of the aspects add up so ignoring any and cutting corners will shave money off the amount you may hope to receive. Take care of the small stuff and add the finishing touches to have your car looking polished and desirable and you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference it makes to the value.
Article written by Anthony Grant representing, a motor group who have provided decades of high quality service to cement their place as Ireland’s top retailer in the industry.