How Cannabis Protects Your Nerves and Increases Cognitive Function

Due to the recent legalization of cannabis in many states, there have been research efforts to show that it has lots of medical value. Many of these studies are still in the first phases of research. Here are some of the findings in regards to how cannabis use can protect your nerves and increase cognitive function.

Recent Studies

Most of the studies that have been conducted are being done on mice. This is because that’s generally the first phase of any scientific study to determine if it’s worth the effort and costs to proceed to human trials. The study that was performed by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem showed some benefit in the memory improvement of mice test subjects. More research is needed to determine if this benefit can correlate in humans.

Uses for Mental Decline

One of the exciting ideas around cannabis use is to improve memory decline in the treatment of dementia patients. The main cause of dementia is thought to occur because of plaque build up in your brain. This can lead to your neurons becoming damaged and your brain tissue not being able to function in the same manner. The use of cannabis may be able to help you to cope with your failing mental decline. Visiting recreational cannabis dispensaries provides you with a treatment option.

Protein Receptors

There are protein receptors in your brain that respond well to the use of cannabis. When you stop to consider that there are more than 85 different types of cannabinoids that have been created, this opens up the ability to find the correct one that will work well for you. By stimulating these protein receptors, you may be able to recover some of your lost neural abilities or even work to repair segments of your brain and increase your cognitive function.

Neural Protection

As your neurons age, the fatty layer surrounding them starts to degrade. This is what contributes to their overall decline and lose of function. A similar process also occurs with certain types of autoimmune diseases and dementia cases. Using cannabis may help to stimulate and protect your nerves so that you can maintain your neural function for a longer period of time. This has long-ranging implications if these studies can hold true in human trials.

Plants have long held medicinal uses that are just being realized. Cannabis is just another plant that offers you the ability to potentially protect your nerves from degradation and work to improve your cognitive function.