How Children Can Be Kept Safe When They Go Back To School?

Every year, many children are planning to go back to school and parents should keep them fully prepared for this situation. In this case, families may need to prepare school supplies, book bags, shoes and new clothes. It means that students should feel comfortable when they go back to school. There are different things that parent should consider. Parents should tell children about what they should expect during the new school year. As an example, students may need to deal with proper knowledge, education and other things. In any case, parents should make sure that light-hearted atmosphere and approach are maintained.

In this case, children will meet many new teachers, coaches, counsellors, students and other acquaintances. Children should be able to keep themselves safe, although they are still studying at the same school. When children go back to school, they should project confidence. In this case, confident kids are less likely to become the target of bullies and even predators. Parents should teach children how to behave and appear confident. They should keep their head high and stand stall, while keeping their eyes alert to the surrounding environment. For people who are looking for victims, they should say both verbally and non-verbally that they not that easy to pick on.

Unfortunately, many parents are allowing their children to feel sad when they go back to school. In this case, they may walk with stooped shoulders and with sad expression. These children often think that they are in need of a good friend. In this case, predators may try to patiently lure children into a fake relationship, before abuses happens. In this case, parents should let children know things that could happen to when they go back to school, especially related to bullies and predators. When children are doing something great, parents should appreciate that. In this case, children should really feel good about themselves.

For younger students, parents should tell children to keep a safe distance for any stranger. Parents could train children to do this in grocery store and other public spaces. Children should create an imaginary “circle of safety” and they should be about 15 feet away from the nearest stranger. In this case, children are able to talk to strangers from a distance, but potentially bad individuals will find it difficult to physically approach children. This behaviour should be exercised until children are able to keep themselves safer. Children have the gut reaction when bad things may happen and parents should instruct children to focus on this thought.

Being safe at school is one of the critical life skills that children need to have. They should react properly and get off a location when their stomach feels a bit funny. This could happen when children find themselves in a situation with strangers. Parents should tell children that it is a normal reaction and children should be instructed to vacate the area immediately. Parents should make a list of trusted adults and they can add other adults in the list when necessary.