How Could SMS Marketing Help Your Business?

How Could SMS Marketing Help Your Business?
There are many different marketing platforms available to modern businesses, with traditional mediums like print and television sitting alongside more recent innovations made possible by the internet and the proliferation of portable devices.
Using SMS marketing can help to give your business a real boost, because it allows you to directly engage with your target audience in a way that mass marketing techniques can often neglect to offer.

Part of the reason that SMS marketing can be so effective is that it allows for an increased likelihood that your message will actually be read and digested by the customer. While online campaigns require people to actively visit your site or view your adverts and e-mail updates can be left unread or simply end up blocked by spam filters, an SMS message goes straight to the customer’s mobile device. The customer will even be alerted when it arrives, which means he will almost certainly check it out.
In order to run a good SMS marketing campaign it makes sense to actually collect mobile numbers of consumers who might be interested in buying from your business or harnessing one of its services. The best way to do this is to set up an incoming number to which they can send SMS messages, perhaps to participate in an offer or in order to receive more information about your company.
When people message in, you can log their numbers and then use them later when you run a campaign. This will help you to improve conversion rates because you will be targeting people who have shown an active interest in your business, rather than blanket bombing a large number of potentially disinterested people in the hope that a small percentage will actually engage with your company as a result.
Another good thing about SMS marketing is that in the age of the smartphone, you can make your SMS messages far more diverse in their functionality. For example, you can embed a link to your website in a message that the user can then click from on a mobile handset to jump straight to the relevant page using the device’s web browser.
This means that SMS marketing can stand shoulder to shoulder with e-mail campaigns when it comes to interactivity, helping you to drive traffic to your site. You might even include a link to your company’s app on the relevant download service so that you can improve your visibility in other ways and provide customers with different ways to stay up-to-date with your offerings.
The broad scope of an SMS marketing campaign in terms of its potential promotional application is neatly contrasted by the relative affordability of such an arrangement. Because you will be getting in touch with a select group of people who are likely to be interested in what you are offering, you will not need to spend as much money on wide-ranging mass marketing, which might not provide you with the best ROI in the long run.
Affordability is also something that comes with modern internet and e-mail marketing, although with something like PPC advertising you can end up investing large amounts to cover the cost of the clicks but end up out of pocket because the conversion rates are simply not up to scratch.
Modern businesses need to take a multi-faceted approach to marketing because consumers are used to operating across different platforms without being tied to a single one. While e-mail, internet, print and television ads can all suffer from a lack of direct engagement with customers, SMS marketing shines in this area and offers a more affordable, targeted approach to promotion in one fell swoop.
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