How Curated Content Can Help

Reputation management is something many people and companies are looking to improve. There are an increasing number of stakeholders doing looking for a solution for their problems on search engines. If they come across your company, it is important your branded search query is clear of negative information. If this is the case, you can be losing potential customers from these results.

Think about it, why would a new customer who has never done business with you want to start buying your products and services if they read negative results on search engines. It is best to take control of your online reputation by producing content and getting your best customers to write reviews about you too.

Blogging is a great way for people to read about your company and what you represent. In order to write top quality and good content related to your industry, the key is to curate content. This way, you are sure to include informative statistics from primary sources.

For those of you who do not know what content curation is, it in the action of continuously finding, organizing, annotating and sharing highly relevant and good quality digital content on a certain topic on for their target market.

It is best to have a content curator who is a real person and not just an algorithm. They need to be very selective and discerning at the same time offers a new perspective, insight and guidance. Content curation should not be a one time event or activity.

There are many ways content curation can help your business. With the increase of companies investing in blogging, there has been a recent study on this topic. Top marketers are using a mix of 65% created content and 25% curated content. Content curation can even help marketers overcome some challenges. Therefore content curation helps your business in many ways since its goal is to share, specific information to a target audience.

One of the benefits is to build brand awareness since companies can add their own perspective to quality content from a variety of sources. When you bring in outside voices, it will shift away from an egocentric product-centric marketing strategy. The opinions of industry leaders will add a fresh perspective and make people want to follow your social media pages.

As mentioned earlier for reputation management, curated content will help create more indexable pages that provide more ways people can find you online and on search engines.