How did Tile Become One Of The Most Popular Flooring Options?

Tiles are a decorator’s dream material. Immensely practical and adaptable they can be used for almost any surface. There are tiles available for every room and every space inside and outside your home. Simple to use, tiles can cover large areas easily, and by using borders and texture one can create a unique scheme in every room.
There are many reasons for tiles’ popularity but looking at its history, we can see that using it has gone as far back as the 3rd century B.C, more than 6000 years ago. Tile has been found in the pyramids and in the ruins of Babylon. It’s impossible to trace the first use of tile, however there is no doubt that by the middle Ages; tile graced the walls and floors of thousands of important public buildings. By the 1800s newer more efficient manufacturing processes brought down the prices of tile and it began to be used in homes as well.

Tile can be inexpensive, such as vinyl and linoleum tiles, or they can be expensive, such as custom designed ceramic or granite tiles.  Do your homework and research before getting married to an idea or an envisioned look in your mind.  Home improvement stores can help you estimate the price or the amount that you will need for the project that you want done.
Use a tape measure to determine the amount of tile needed for your project. In some cases, the dimensions of the area to be tiled can help decide your tile size.
It is worth buying or borrowing a tile to bring to your home to compare to the colors and furnishings in the intended room before purchase.  Tiles can look differently than how they did in a show room and trying to buy tiles for a certain color scheme by memory doesn’t always go well.
Tiles have health and environmental advantages, such as being better for an allergy sufferer. Carpets will always be a source of dust and dirt no matter how often you clean them; in contrast with tiles, where you know there are no dust particles hiding.
What other material is so versatile? Tile can be rough, smooth or elaborate and it’s generally very easy to clean.
Another great benefit of tile is the ease which it can be used for other projects other than flooring. From countertops to picture frames, tile has a multitude of other miscellaneous décor uses.  The sky is the limit let your imagination run wild!
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