How Do Businesses Celebrate Exceptional Results?

Would They Celebrate?

To the cynical person, they may not celebrate any successes with their employees. Certainly there are some businesses, which will for now go un-named, that stick rigidly to bonus structures and operate schemes where overwhelming success would still see many employees receive just about enough to do a weekly grocery shop.
At the same time, we have to acknowledge that businesses may well choose other methods for celebrating success – making people redundant is another one that is sometimes popular.
On a serious note, though, many businesses are excellent at sharing success with their employees, although perhaps not always in the way an employee would like, such as a tax-free bonus or a pay rise.

So what do they do?

Extra Holidays

This is often the path that many businesses take – after all, it is easy enough to get someone to fill in for the day, and an extra day or two holiday will probably be made up in terms of work by a motivated employee who has an extra day to have a hangover instead of throwing a sickie.
Success is often fostered in businesses by having excellent gifts or rewards for those who are the best in their field. A bumper year for profits might see the best employee given a family holiday to a destination of their choice, for example.

Make Work Better

There have been many businesses over the years that have been notoriously corporate and hard line when it comes to the way their employees operate. Success is a funny thing in that it often challenges workplaces to look at what they could do differently in order to maintain the success, rather than fostering complacency as you might expect it to.
In some cases, this leads to those harder businesses softening somewhat and becoming known as a great place to work, as well as a successful one. In these cases, success is used brilliantly as a means for boosting motivation in the workplace.

Open Bar

If you asked any employee what their ideal reward would be, closely behind bonuses and pay rises would probably be an open bar. Having a huge, everyone is invited party can be an excellent way to say thank you to employees, and even for bosses to perhaps show their human side a little. Parties can be simple events at a hired venue, or with many different things incorporated into them – for example many corporate events these days feature fireworks displays as a way to top off a celebratory evening. Fireworks can be an excellent way to end a party, especially if it has been an event where employee’s children have been invited, too.
Businesses do celebrate exceptional results – you just have to make sure you are working for the right ones!
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