How Do People Bathe In Antarctica

With congealed faces in the chilly environment, the denizens like seals and penguins swift through the glaciers, bathing and swimming in the chilly water ponds as and when they wish.

Antarctica and its coasts have been quite passionately explored time and again. The expeditions may have been adventurous, but showering or bathing must have been even more exhilarating, given the trepidations from the chilly weather; days tend to be seemingly quite long, wherein people fail to find darkness until almost 11pm. The sun gives plethora of energy, garnering people’s enthusiasm to the hilt. The cliffs and icebergs shearing over the lapping layers of ice is an ever-cherishing spectacle.

Being the coldest continent on earth where mercury plummets to -75 to -90 degree Celsius, the extremely chilly weather makes every visitor tremulous yet leaving lasting impressions for everyone to gloat the expedition. The Russian station of Vostok holds the record of the lowest temperature -89 degree Celsius in 1983.

The seventh continent and its nigh islands have been meticulously explored, wherein the population keeps varying from time to time like over 950 during winter to over 4500 during summer. They are electronically powered, with research stations duly manned to carry out research activities during the entire year. All those people who haven’t been to Antarctica grapple hard to find the realities or trivia – how people must be bathing or showering in this chilliest part of the world.  The concepts of bathing must be quite uncanny there, yet it’s quite a story to unravel. With all suppositions, people think mostly it must be snow bath.

The frozen desert might freeze down every individual, must be the weird perception of all that run their conjectures. People do bathe in this ice desert, so much so, with the fullest vigour and verve like anyone does it anywhere else. People dig their own space to soak themselves and enjoy soothing experiences. People have their own residence or accommodations, especially built with bath and toilet facilities. People are socially attached, cohesively living and co-existing in harmony, extending help to each other like a close community living.

What? Hot spring baths apart from snow baths?

Yes, to everyone’s surprise, Antarctica is one of the countries where people can enjoy hot springs. Fascinatingly, the country that is a desert of ice has hot springs for everyone to replenish, and it is at Deceptive Island, which is nearby to South America


Also, the trending the Russian bath – it is the centre of attraction lately.

Built in 2006, it was firstly a test exercise in Saint Petersburg at Greenside’s factory. It’s a glued timber measuring 160×160 cms and is replete with incredible power, energy efficiency and thermal stability. The Russian bath was placed in 2007, in Antarctica, at the station of Novolazarevskaya. It’s the very first construction made from glued timber, build in 43 days, serving as a quintessential bath for visitors of Antarctica. It holds various records for being first of its kind, undoubtedly, an unprecedented achievement.


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