How Does Summer Weather Affect Your Car and Its Repair Needs?

How Does Summer Weather Affect Your Car and Its Repair Needs?

The summer weather can wreak havoc on your car’s exterior and interior. Certain types of damage can occur more often in the summer because of the bright sunlight and intense heat that may be omnipresent throughout most of the season, making trouble for those traveling long distances by car. Here are a few ways that the summer weather could affect your car and its repair needs.

Worn Tires

Tires that roll across hot pavement while your vehicle is in motion can wear down quicker because of the extra heat. The wearing of your tires might cause dangerous blowouts while driving and increase your chances of getting into accidents. It’s especially important to check the condition of the tires regularly during the summer and replace any tires that may be on the brink of bursting. The tires may lose their pressure quicker because of the heat, so it’s also important to check the pressure of each tire regularly and add air if needed. If you’re taking a long road trip, make sure to pack a spare or two and start your trip with thicker tires.

Faded Colors

Intense sunlight can cause colors to fade, and you may notice your car’s exterior paint looking duller during the summer. The colors on seat materials and other parts of your vehicle’s interior may also start to fade when exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Having ceramic coating applied to your car’s exterior can help keep the paint protected from the sun. Seat covers and window and windshield shades can be used to keep colors on the interior surfaces from fading if you have to keep your car parked in an uncovered area, which is especially important for those parking at hotels and uncovered lots on road trips.

Windows and Windshield Damage

In addition to hail and heavy rain, sunlight and heat can have damaging effects on vehicle windows and windshields. An auto glass repair shop can fix many of the dings, cracks and other damage that may result from the summer elements. The ceramic frit around your car’s perimeter that’s meant to absorb heat and transfer it to the glass safely on hot days can also have damage that affects its functioning, and any damaged frit should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid further problems.

Battery Problems

You likely already know of the problems that cold winter weather can cause for your car’s battery, but the hotter temperatures in the summer can also be bad for the battery. Your battery may wear down and fail quicker because of the extra summer heat. Taking long road trips during the summer will also be more taxing on the battery. It’s best to test your battery often throughout the summer to make sure that it can still function efficiently, especially right before travel.

Additional precautions may need to be taken to prevent vehicle damages and other problems during the summer. If you experience car problems because of the summer heat, auto repair experts are available to provide practical solutions.