How Does Transport Impact Upon Modern Town Planning?


The present and future development of towns and villages is highly dependent on the accessibility of transport, but also the means by which transport can get around. The issues and challenges faces are also exacerbated further by pressure to ensure that any new initiatives are environmentally friendly and sustainable in the longer term.

Eco-Friendly Transport

In the case of new developments, many town planners are working to ensure that communities are as sustainable as possible, both in terms of the resources available and how easy it is to access amenities. One of the key considerations, particularly when development groups look at land for sale, is whether there is enough scope in an area of that size to accommodate all that a town and community would need.

In addition to ensuring everything in the town is within an accessible walking distance, other ideas include making roads and areas which are shared by pedestrians and motorists, to raise motorists’ awareness, ensure they drive slower and by consequence lowers carbon emissions. Increased cycle routes are also widely used in modern planning to adapt towns away from the “reliant on cars” models of the past.

Public Transport Links

With many new developments being built in rural areas, there is a fine balance to be struck between having the town as close as possible to natural resources, yet remaining part of wider society in general. Public transport is one of the key challenges in this instance. Even as public transport vehicles become more eco-friendly, there is pressure on the providers to run as efficient a service as possible.

There are fears, however, that this can lead to a mass exodus from newly built communities during the day, as people travel out of the town to work on specially arranged public transport services. Further issues arise in the need to keep communities continually linked together while not impacting on the environment by running more public transport than is necessary.


In the long-term, the solution for modern town planning is going to be a combination of all of the issues discussed around transport, while also making the buildings and lifestyle of residents as green as possible.

Given the increasing prices of oil around the world, the problem of carbon emissions from car travel may begin to be solved as people look for cheaper alternatives. Charging stations for electric cars are already becoming a common feature in many parts of the world.

Transport habits and resident requirements will continue to be a key driver of town planning discussion for many years to come.

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